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10/3/18 2:28 A

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This is the sodium range:
500 - 2,300mg daily.


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10/2/18 1:18 A

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You can always reset your Spark Nutrition goals by inputing your current weight and setting your goals/weight/time frame again on the start page....

I know some people wouldn't like to track their own and perhaps your husband is in this category. But if you set up a page for him, there's nothing to keep you from entering his data there, and your's on your page.... Its a pain to log in twice, but it would work....

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9/30/18 4:17 P

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Are you using your nutrition tracker to calculate the sodium levels for your husband ? If so, why not have him join spark people ? He can create his own spark page so that he can track his sodium and carb percentages separate from yours.

When I was heavier, my blood pressure was a little high. My doctor told me to cut my sodium intake. Does your husband eat a lot of canned soup ? I love Progresso soups, but when my doctor told me to cut back on salt, I opted for the low sodium varieties. One can of soup can have 1500+ mg of sodium. The average can is about 600-800 mgs and there are two servings per can.

Do you cook his meals ? A person can lower their sodium and carb intake if they home cook their meals. Who does the cooking in the house ?

maybe you could find a compromise. There are a lot of great low sodium, low carb recipes posted in the Spark recipes section.

Why not have your hubby join spark so that he can track his own food ? you could help each other make better choices.

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9/30/18 11:40 A

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Sodium levels are independent of calories consumed.
Many organizations recommend between 2000 and 2300mg daily.
I stay around 1500mg.

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9/29/18 7:18 P

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As my husbands health required specific carb and sodium levels - have been using sparks to calculate. In the process have lost the normal levels for myself on a 1200 cal diet. Anyone have those suggested values............................

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