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6/2/18 1:48 P

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I have always been an evening eater. I have learned not to fight it. This is a life style way of eating so has to be something I can live with over the long haul. So I always save 100 calories from my day allotment for bowl of air popped popcorn (lightly misted with EVOO and bit of salt). 8-9 pm each evening I enjoy my healthy and satisfying evening snack.......

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6/1/18 3:07 A

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There is nothing wrong with the speed of your weight-loss. That sort of loss is far more likely to stay off. My loss was even slower at times, and not much faster at others.

You must remember, it isn't just that you aren't starving yourself because you are keeping between that calorie range. It could be WHAT you are eating, or what you are not eating that is contributing to the problem. Ensure that you are getting plenty of fruit/veges (at least 5 full serves (80g each serve) per day, and preferably at least 7) and ensure that you are also getting a good amount of lean protein, healthy fats and quality carbs, including from wholegrains.

Tiredness cops me, too, and that is usually when I start to crave chocolate. I allow for those times, and have quality dark chocolate on hand so I can have 1 or 2 pieces, or I might have a quality protein nut bar which has dark chocolate and cacao in the ingredients. I don't very often go over my normal calorie range, but I have always allowed for when I do, so it doesn't impact on my overall journey.


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5/31/18 7:41 P

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Just to be clear - you are talking about eating / snacking between dinner and bedtime, right? Not actually waking in the night to eat more?

If I'm interpreting it correctly as evening eating - you mentioned that you are "hungry" AND that you are tired. Many of us have trained ourselves to ignore being tired since we have so many things to do --- and to add more fuel (calories - most often sweets) to substitute for sleep / rest. If this is the case for you, then the best possible solution is to go to bed instead of to the kitchen!

Seriously - rest is one of the most important considerations in maintaining health, controlling stress, and losing weight, so learning how to schedule in enough sleep time is a critical part of a healthier lifestyle. You might find it useful to create an "end of day ritual" for yourself, where you turn off the electronics, and do some kind of restful routine, such as a light yoga or stretching session, a hand and foot massage, a foam roller massage, reading a favourite book, or just sitting and chatting with a loved one. The ritual can certainly involve a snack, which should be something that makes you feel a bit spoiled and indulgent, while being healthful and filling. Some of my favourites are a cup of flavoured tea or hot chocolate, with a bowl of baked fruits mixed with almond butter and topped with plain Greek yogurt; or a plate of mixed cheese and meats and pickled vegetables; or some berries and dark chocolate in a flaxseed pudding... You get the idea: a mix of protein, healthy fats, and fibre that takes a few minutes to put together (which is part of the "ritual" too) and just feels like you are absolutely indulging yourself.

Also, have a look at what you are actually eating during the day, and what you are burning in exercise, because it is entirely possible that you truly do need to be eating more often closer to 1800 calories per day. You may also find that you need to increase fibre, protein, and healthy fats with all of your meals and snacks throughout the day (since those are generally the most satisfying).

If you want to give more details on what you are actually eating and doing on the days where you are far more hungry, then you can get some specific advice. Hopefully all of the general advice here gives you someplace to start!

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5/31/18 10:43 A

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Do something that prevents you from eating - paint your nails, knit, do a puzzle, play video games, etc.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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5/30/18 11:26 P

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I'm trying to "fool myself" by drinking lots of water! Or tea... anything to fill the void. Warm tea makes me feel like I'm putting something in my stomach... give it a try, we're all dehydrated most of the time anyway...

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5/30/18 7:09 P

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What are you eating during the day ? When a person decides they want to lose weight, they are almost always in a panic. All they want to know is what's the fastest way to lose. Why cutting my calories ! Right ? Sort of. What happens is that a person cuts their calorie intake too low too fast. They may have gone from eating 3000 calories a day down to 1400. Well, you're body is wondering where that other 1600 calories is.

It possible that what's happening is that you're not eating enough during the day and that's causing you to be hungry in the evening. Many people in an effort to be good will drastically cut their calories. While it's true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less, the problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong food and not enough of the right food.

What are you eating during the day ? Are your making sure you spread out your calories so that you do have enough for a nourishing dinner ? Could you describe a typical day's menu. It could also be that you're not getting enough fiber. Are you eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies ? Eating plenty of servings of fresh fruit and veggies will help provide you with the fiber you need which in turn will help keep you full. Eating foods that are high in fiber help a person stay full for longer. They also help keep a person's blood sugar levels stable.

In the afternoon, do you need a quick pickme up ? Some people have a cup of coffee. Others might go for a sugary treat. Well, that afternoon sugary treat could cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. Meaning, you're fine at work, but by the time you get home, you're ravenous from the sugar crash.

What to do ? I would start by making sure you're eating enough calories through the day. Don't assume that eating less will speed up your weight loss. It wont. it'll just cause you to be more hungry. Make sure you're eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies to ensure you're getting enough fiber. Also, budget an evening snack. Depending on when you start your day, you may need a little something at night.

It IS okay to have an evening snack, just don't lunge for chips/dips. Choose a healthier snack. I like having a banana or apple slices with a dab of peanut butter.

Just a few thoughts. We really are just taking guesses since we don't know anything about you or your eating habits.

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5/30/18 5:44 P

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Night time eating has been my nemesis for many years. Recently I started to learn about intermittent fasting. Basically it's only eating during a certain time period. I decided I would only eat between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. For some reason having this limit has stopped the night time eating. If I feel any really strong hunger pangs I drink some water or tea. This worked for me. Good luck.

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5/30/18 5:05 P

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I am having trouble with eating at night or when I am tired. I have been tracking my calories for two months now and although I have closed 5 lbs so far the I seem to be making slow progress. Looking at my calorie intake I do fine during the day but at night I am very hungry and tend to overeat. I am keeping to 1300_1800 calories so I am not starving myself. Please advice!!

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