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6/19/18 4:33 P

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I am finding chocolate chia pudding is curbing this craving pretty well!!

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5/28/18 8:01 A

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I, too, occasionally have the snack attack at night. I've learned to keep something pre-proportioned on hand that I can snack without guilt - Greek yogurt, peanut butter crackers, etc. I found that if I had to dip it out, spread it, or otherwise manipulate the food, I consumed far more. Having a package of a serving helps a lot. One of my favorites is to have raisins & walnuts in a zip baggie just ready and waiting.

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5/24/18 5:59 A

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What have you been eating during the day ? Have you radically changed your diet in the past few days ? How about stress ? Has work been overly stressful ? When someone is under pressure, they could crave comfort foods or something sweet.

How about exercise ? Have you increased the amount of activity you do each day ? When a person increases their activity, they find their appetite increases too.

If you do crave something sweet, why not have a piece of fruit ? The natural sweetness of the fruit should help decrease any cravings for highly processed sugary treats. go out and buy some fresh strawberries, banana or a mango. whatever fruit is on sale. When you feel like a snack, have a banana with a small dab of peanut butter. that's one of my go to snacks. you have the sweetness of the banana combined with the protein of the peanut butter.

Also, are you eating enough fiber during the day ? If you're eating too many highly processed foods and not enough fiber, that will cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. Do make sure you're eating plenty of high fibers foods to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

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5/24/18 3:38 A

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Once I start eating sugary foods I get cravings for more. I think that if you can resist the sweet tooth urges for a few days you'll stop longing for the sweets.

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5/24/18 2:36 A

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I didn't normally have a sweet tooth, either until I lost a fair bit of weight. I still don't have a sweet tooth per se, but every now and then, I really crave some chocolate. I eat some and then I am fine for a while again. It might be once in a month, or once in a week. It could be a 2-3 month gap.

A couple things come to mind. I read your blog re sugar, sugar everywhere, but not a drop to eat. Perhaps you have unnecessarily cut out too many carbs? You are right in that sugar is in a lot of things, but it is the added sugar that you need to limit, not the sugar from fruits/veges/dairy, etc.

Another blog you mention "Or other days I feel positive because I ate under my calorie goal" .......... IF that under your calorie goal you are referring to is the minimum that SP has set for you, (and even in some cases just above the minimum, and especially if you have been exercising) then this could explain why you are having this sweet tooth at night. You need to eat more. The sugar is the quickest form of energy for your body.


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5/24/18 1:50 A

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im having a sweet tooth at night ever night for the last 4 days and i over indulge , i don't know whats happening , I don't normally have a sweet tooth,

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