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5/10/18 7:27 A

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Weight fluctuates, but that does seem like a lot. There are times I weigh earlier than usual because I have to be someplace early. I weigh more those days. I find when I am consistently eating around my recommended calorie range my weight is more stable than when I am skipping meals one day and overeating the next.

I will recommend WeightGrapher.( It will show you trends when you enter your daily weights. It averages in a helpful way.

My scale is "Eat Smart", a fairly inexpensive digital scale that was recommended to me by a SparkFriend. I find that I can step on and off of it repeatedly and continue to get the same number each time as long as the battery is fresh. It does crazy things when the battery is dying.

Hope this helps!

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5/9/18 2:56 P

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I spent a couple hundred on a digital scale, and I love it.
Like James, every morning, first thing before eating or drinking anything and naked. I like seeing even going down .2 or up .2 so I know what I need to do that day.

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5/2/18 4:41 P

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I have a balance scale, the type you used to see at the doctor's office before they went digital. It's very accurate (compared it to our certified commercial scale at work) and consistent. A bit spendy to start ($150), but you can probably use it the rest of your life and then pass it down to your grandchildren. And the batteries never run low.

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4/23/18 11:08 P

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I also have a Tanita body fat scale. Sporting good stores that sell tread mills and that sort of thing also tend to have this sort of scale for sale.

I have mine on a firm floor (in my bathroom), I always weigh with the scale in the same spot on the floor, I always weigh at the same time of day (waking, going to the bathroom, then naked on the scale).

Not a terribly expensive scale, perhaps twice the price of one that doesn't do body fat percentage, ... something like $70, I can't remember though exactly.

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4/23/18 7:14 P

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How many scales do you have ? Are you weighing yourself at exactly the same time during the day or different times ?

If you're weighing yourself at different times of the day, then yes you are going to see a fluctuation in the numbers. The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning right after you go to the bathroom. You can weigh with or without clothing. The weight of your clothing can cause a 1-2 pound difference.

If you were to weigh yourself every day, you're still going to see a variation in the number. That number will change based on the amount of food/water you eat and drink as well as how many times you go to the bathroom. Food has weight. Water has weight. Your body's waste products have weight. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of the food/water and waste products still in your intestines will cause your weight to go up. And you know what ? That's perfectly normal !

Your weight is not a static number. It will change from day to day and week to weight. Some days it will be up and some days down, this too is normal.

As far as scales, you can buy a cheap decent scale for less than $20. Don't spend $$$$s on an expensive scale that says it reads body fat percentage. those scales are notoriously inaccurate. Just by a scale that does your weight. And get a tape measure. Measure your inches. if you're losing inches, it means you're losing body fat !!

I have a Tanita body fat scale. The weight is pretty accurate. the body fat is not. so I don't bother with that. The next time I buy a scale, I'm buying one that just does weight, no bells or whistles.

If your current scale is giving you a wide range of numbers, try changing the batteries. If that doesn't help, you need a new scale. a good digital scale will say the same number regardless of how many times you get on or off. If it changes, you need a new scale.

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4/23/18 11:00 A

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I have been using my digital scales and my weight fluctuates bu up to 1.5 stone which is ridiculous 21lb. im interested in people opinions and products. Which is best and recommendations please?

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