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4/17/18 4:47 A

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Do you understand how many people who have had gastric bypass would love to be in your shoes? I have four friends that had the surgery and guess what they got down to their skinny size that they wanted to get down to and within two years, each one of them gained it all back and then some!!

If you get in tune/in sync with your body, your body will automatically tell you everything that it needs and if you listened then you would be set for life. However, in the real world how many of us do that continually? NOT me even though I know it to be true. That's why I am here in SP Land to retrain my mind and my physical self too.

This is not an easy journey for anyone whether we have had gastric bypass surgery or not. At least I know it isn't for me and I choose to be constantly aware of what goes in my body and how to better manage it by getting a GREAT education here in SP Land.

If you want help to keep yourself motivated, start with you and quit revisiting the past and beating yourself up. There is no reason for that and there is no reason for you comparing yourself to others because we're all made and wired differently. There are no people on this earth that I know of that are exactly the same, not even twins. Check out the Gastric Bypass team and get another education there by reading the blogs and comments of others that have had the same surgery and also reach out to other people in SP Land that you can friend that may give you a gentle kick in the behind like others have done for me.

If you're listening then you will truly find success in this healthy lifestyle journey that we are all on.


- Nancy Jean -

Philippians 4:13 ~ I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength!

1 Corinthians 10:31 ~ So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God!

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4/12/18 6:19 A

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Hi - I ditto ARCHIMEDES's comments.

Rather than beating yourself up, look at it as a learning curve.

I suggest that you visit the Motivation section which is in the drop down menu in the "LEARN" tab. I am sure that you will find some excellent articles which resonate with you.

Have you checked out the Gastric Bypass teams on SP? If not, it would be a good idea to join at least one, because then you are amongst others who have been in similar situations who will be able to share with you what worked for them.

Have you spoken with the team that did the surgery? Perhaps if you got back in touch they will be able to help you, also.

Good luck,

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4/11/18 12:17 P

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Don't beat yourself up because you've regained the weight. And definitely do not compare yourself to others who've had the WLS. If you look at the statistics, you'll see that you are not the only person who has had WLS and regained weight. The percentage of those who regain is a lot higher than you realize.

95% of people who go on a diet, regain. I did it. you did it. we ALL did it. that was the past. you can't change the past, but you can influence and change the future.

One thing you have to understand is that you can't rely on someone else to motivate you to lose. YOU have to want to lose. How many people told you that you needed to lose weight before you actually did something ? Okay, you're an adult, you know what you need to do. Now you need to find your motivation for doing these things. Because what happens when your motivation partner decides to give up ? That's why it's so hard to find a buddy. Our needs are so different.

So what do I suggest ? One thing you can do to stay motivated is to keep coming to Spark People. Each day, log in and read the posts. You don't have to post every day. but if you reply to others who need help, you'll find you start helping yourself.

Let's say someone posts a panic message that they're going to a party that night and want to know what they should do to keep from over eating. What would you tell that person ? Replying to threads and helping other members helps keep you motivated.

It's nice to have someone to be accountable to, but as Harry Truman once said,"the buck stops here". YOU need to be accountable to yourself first.

4/10/18 10:32 P

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Hi I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009 and I never reached my goal weight. Even though I haven't gained any of the weight back, I have gained back and lost about 12 pounds over the past 2 years. I am frustrated and disappointed in myself for veering off course and losing sight of my goal. I compare myself to others who have had the surgery who are skinny and I'm embarrased because I'm still fat. Anyway, I resolved to make a concerted effort to do better with both eating and exercise. My problem is I don't get hungry for dinner until well after 9 pm. And then I'll eat and have a cocktail on top of it. Late night snacking has been a problem too, and I know intellectually that it's just a stress response and habit. I don't have anyone in my life to really check in on me and motivate/ push me to do what I need to do. I feel like my cravings are out of control, but I recently started implementing mindfulness techniques to address this. I would love to have a group of supporters checking in and acting sort of like cheerleaders for me. That would really help me.

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