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4/11/18 9:12 A

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Sorry to hear that your mom isn't doing well. I've been there myself and yes, it is very hard to stay on a diet during such times. When my mom was in the hospital the first time we at out all the time and gained weight because of the stress. The last time we actually stocked up on more healthy choices that we could just grab and go. The most important thing right now is taking care of you so that you can be there for your mom. Keep some protein bars in your purse. I found that it helped stop me from going to the vending machine while we waited. My prayers for you and your family.

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4/11/18 3:35 A

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3/3/18 7:48 A

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Taking care of our parents can bring on a lot of emotional upheaval. As the others have saud, take care of yourself as well. Get respite from a friend. Congrats on the weight loss & get better soon! emoticon

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2/8/18 8:35 P

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Hi Linda.

Sorry about your mom. I know what that's like. You have a lot on your plate!
Try your best to take care of you: lots of water, rest when you can & those veggies / good nutrition will help you get over this quicker.
Side note: you may want to wear one of those breathing masks around your Mom so she will less likely get what you got!
Hang in there!

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2/6/18 1:51 A

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Hi Linda. I feel for you with all these extra stressors. I certainly hope that they are considerably reduced and both you and your Mum's health improves very soon. Make sure your treat yourself with love, and ensure that you are getting good nutrition and plenty of fluids.

Hugs, and take care,

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2/5/18 2:25 P

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I hope your mother is doing better. Having to deal with that kind of stress isn't easy. In fact, stress can weaken your immune system.

You need to take care of yourself so that you can be there to help your mother. Take things one day at a time. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated.

Drink plenty of fluids. Have lots of hot broths and soups. Get some rest.


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2/5/18 12:47 P

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I'm sorry you and your mom are having such a hard time - and that you have the flu on top of all that! Take good care of yourself, and get plenty of fluids and rest - the flu is nothing to mess around with ever, and particularly not this year.

Hope both you and your mom are feeling better soon!

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2/5/18 9:36 A

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I posted back in January about a rough start to 2018, well it it is not getting much better... since I last posted(Jan. 7th), my mom got out f hospital only to go back in a few days later this time with a badly inflamed gallbladder. Had surgery to remove gallbladder, came home and ended back up at hospital a few days later with breathing issues again( congestive heart failure). Back home again, stayed at my place for a week and went home Saturday, feeling better. Back to hospital by ambulance again this am legs are very weak and can hardly walk. Waiting to hear what is going on. And of course, I have the flu ! On a good note, down 21 lbs. since Jan. 2/18. Stressed and not eating right 😐

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