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4/3/18 12:40 A

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Try to stay calm, stressing over an 8 ounce gain overnight is more than likely your body fluctuation is quite normal.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 28,699
3/31/18 5:34 P

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" I'm about to panic!! "
"yesterday was my rest day and I gain half a pound."

There is absolutely no reason to panic over eight ounces. Weight fluctuations are normal. You will have weeks where you gain more than that.
Take a breath and strive for less drama.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
~ Randy Pausch

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"We have a saying in Tibet: If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If it can't be solved, worrying will do no good."
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3/31/18 1:12 P

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Water weight
we all fluctuate... go by non-scale victories!
Good luck!

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1/21/18 2:53 A

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how quickly does one gain weight? Is it at a rate of 50 pounds a year (a pound a week)? Probably not that fast.

So first one needs to change something to stop gaining, then one has to go further to start loosing. So it is a big change with what seems to be a small result, however, if one looses 1/2 a pound a week, that is a victory.

If you feel like you are at the breaking point, what is breaking? If you break, how will it be different than not continuing on your path? What will it lead to?

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1/20/18 6:16 P

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The others have given good advice.

Just remember, too, that you shouldn't judge success by the scales. There are a myriad of other ways, including:

* How your clothes fit
* Your energy level
* Your fitness level
* The quality of your sleep
* The condition of your hair/skin
* Your BP and blood results if they were problematic
* The list goes on.

My weight-loss was very slow, but believe me, that is EXACTLY the best way to lose. It is much healthier for your body and you are far less likely to have the saggy/baggy skin after weight-loss. You are also far more likely to maintain the loss after.


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1/20/18 3:44 P

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What you're experiencing is perfectly normal. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to "gain" weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope, it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. My weight can vary as much as 2-3 pounds in a DAY just because of a shift in my water weight.

Also, not to get TMI, did you weigh yourself after a bowel movement ? Food has weight. Water has weight. Your body's waste products have weight. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of all the food, water and waste products are still in your body.

As you track your weight, some days you'll be up and other days you'll be down. These types of scale fluctuations are perfectly normal.

As I said to another member, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were you. If it took you years to gain the weight, you can't expect it to drop off just because you're eating a little better an exercising. Losing weight takes time. You need be more patient with yourself and your body.

Seeing a gain on the scale does not mean something is wrong. It's a normal part of the losing process.

In short, you're normal.

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1/20/18 8:04 A

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Patti always has such good advice! The only thing I will add is to ask: "How often are you weighing yourself?" Once a week? Daily? I would honestly recommend weighing no more than once a week or even biweekly on the same day in the same clothed circumstances.

Personally, I weigh weekly typically on Wednesday morning but sometimes on Thursday morning. I do so immediately upon getting out of bed, after using the toilet and unclothed. As I get closer to my goal, I may switch to biweekly weigh ins as I know my weight loss will slow. Seeing slightly bigger numbers (for example 0.5 pounds versus 2 ounces) is naturally more motivating.

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Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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1/20/18 1:28 A

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You do realize that "gaining a half pound" can be had from as little as drinking 8oz of water, right?! 8 oz IS a Half a pound.... Furthermore, if you have been exercising hard enough to "force yourself to take a rest day"...then likely you are also pushing your muscles. And a fact of nature is that muscles hold more water as they heal---Quite normal, and quite transient.... Watching our nutrition also usually means many of us consume more fiber...and you guessed it, fiber holds water in your intestines while your digestive track takes 2 -3 days to clear food we've consumed.

So very likely... you are doing just fine!!

As to losing 2 pounds in a month: My first question would be... how close to a reasonably healthy weight are you? There is a vast difference if you need to lose 50 pounds...or somewhere close to 10 pounds. Our bodies just don't drop the weight in a linear fashion...and that is especially notable if you haven't got a very large amount of weight to lose. Be patient.... take a deep breath... and check back with yourself in a week or so.

"Ready to start loving myself and treat my body instead of putting it last. To a healthy lifestyle change!".... from your blog. Remember.. a healthy Lifestyle is going to last a VERY longtime. So take a deep breath, and relax. Look to the future and give yourself the benefit of time. Be consistent and patient. It will happen. All the best,

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
Gandalf: Lord of the Rings

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1/20/18 1:11 A

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I'm staying on nutrional track. I'm very active so much, I force myself to take a rest day. I've only been losing a pound every other week. And yesterday was my rest day and I gain half a pound. What am I doing wrong. I drink 3liters of water a day. Im at a breaking point of something doesn't give.

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