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1/6/18 8:18 P

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I am on a similar page to most. I see you want to loose 100 pounds.

My guess is that your sleep apnea is related to that extra weight, and type-2 diabetes is often exasperated by extra weight. So it is really a question of how to loose the weight.

Find a plan that works for you.


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1/6/18 1:37 P

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I know I'm kinda late to this party... but I'll add that most insurance plans will cover a visit with a certified diabetes educator (or registered dietician). It's well worth the time (and co-pay, if you've got one) to go. My DH is type 2, and I went along with him, since I do most of the cooking.

DH has been living with type 2 for years and years. He's never been overweight, so losing weight wouldn't help him. But it DOES help a lot of people who have some extra weight. And you don't necessarily have to get all the way to goal weight before you see positive benefits. I had a co-worker who lost about half the weight, and was able to get off her meds, she just kept an eye on the carbs.

Sometimes (like others have noted) things like this can be something of a "blessing in disguise", providing us with extra motivation to take better care of ourselves.

Ruth in Cookeville, TN Central Time Zone

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12/29/17 2:35 P

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I agree with MPLAN, knowledge is power. You'd be surprized that most people who have type II diabetes or even heart disease don't know it until it's too late. If you know you have diabetes and sleep apnea, you know you can do something up them. They are not a death sentence any more.

You can change your health for the better. Did your doctor give you some guidelines ? They probably told you to check out some of the nutrition books for diabetics. A healthy diet could reverse the diabetes. There are many members who will tell you how they came off their medications by changing their diets.

One thing you should do is join a couple of the diabetes spark teams. Talk to other members who've been coping. You'll see that changes can be made and you will live a healthier life.

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12/29/17 12:20 P

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I'm pre-diabetic and control that condition with a low carb way of eating. My A1c is now normal. My diagnosis (three years ago) was a wake up call too. I now consider it a blessing in disguise. Good luck with your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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12/29/17 10:39 A

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Sometimes a health challenge is just what we needed. For me, it was a condition I had never heard of...avascular necrosis. It means the blood vessels are dying. It was in the hip joints. I had never had hip pain, and it showed up not in the hip but rather, my back. After chiropractic treatment that didn't help, I had to have both hips replaced. It spurred me on to exercise and get back in shape big time. Now I walk 5Ks and exercise almost every day. Spark has helped me get to my goal weight and I'm still enjoying a painfree lifestyle.

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Wishing you a great Sparkle Day!

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12/29/17 6:29 A

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Well, knowledge is power. You know what ails you: sleep apnea and diabetes and starting a healthier lifestyle can work wonders, even reverse things. Perhaps these diagnoses were the kick in the pants you needed.

Since you did get diagnosed with diabetes, I hope your doctor referred you to a Registered Dietitian who specializes in diabetes. If not, call him or her ASAP.

In the mean time, you have found a great website in SparkPeople! Welcome! What questions do you have to get started on the journey?

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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12/29/17 3:03 A

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I can understand your being scared, but you can improve your health potential.

I have a family history of Diabetes, and have been borderline pre-diabetic myself. A considerable weight-loss reversed that, as well as helped improve my Cholesterol levels considerably.

I was also diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea this year, and was discharged from the Hospital Sleep Clinic the day before my birthday, no less, with a CPAP machine. The OSA was significant in that my oxygen levels were going very low, and I was stopping breathing for 17 seconds at a time, 60 times per hour, and wasns't getting any REM sleep at all. Since I have been using my machine I have been feeling a lot better.

I wish you well in reaching your goals and certainly hope that 2018 is your 'turn-around' year and that you find much improved health and happiness.

Good luck,

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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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12/29/17 2:33 A

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2017 brought the diagnoses of Diabetes 2 and Sleep Apnea. I am scared but determined. It has come down to a life or death decision on getting healthy and feeling better.

May 2018 be a year of love, happiness and good health for all of us !!

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