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12/6/17 9:03 A

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I like the #9 tip because whenever I go off plan it won't show on the scale right away.

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12/5/17 5:13 A

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I don't understand why people panic, geeze it's only one day a year and if you are TRULY dedicated to eating healthy, you will find a way.

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11/23/17 9:05 P

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Don't try to calorie count: instead use the plate method: 1/2 veggie; 1/4 protein; 1/4 carb. That will help you keep portions in check, and ease the stress!!

(PS this applies to leftovers as well---go for a balance of carbs/fats/protein---and you will feel more satisfied!)
Have a good weekend!!

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11/23/17 9:14 A

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First, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Second, no matter how much you eat today,"DON'T PANIC !"

I know we're either trying to lose weight or maintain the weight we've lost. BUT, I don't want anyone beating themselves up if they happen to eat a little too much today. Here are a few strategies that might help you get through your day.

1) Eat a little something at breakfast. Don't starve yourself to save room for extra dessert. If you go to the meal already hungry, you'll end up grabbing the cheese/crackers or chip/dip and appetizers for munchies.

2) Eat plenty of veggies. Load up on the green beans, squash, salad, sweet potatoes, etc... this the one time of year Americans do eat their veggies.

3) When you get to the dessert table, be selective if there are a lot of choices. Try to eat smaller portions of the items you'd like like to have such as grandma's homemade chocolate chip cookies or your uncle's pumpkin pie. If there are more than one pies and you'd like to try them all, have small slivers of each, not a huge piece.

4) If possible to try eat off a smaller plate. If you have a dinner plate, make sure it's loaded with all those yummy veggies.

5) one roll with a bit of butter is fine, try to skip 2 or more rolls.

6) Sit and savor your food. Don't inhale it like a Hoover. Take the time to taste your food. The faster a person eats, the less likely they are to taste their food. When you eat too fast, you feel deprived and need to go eat more to feel satisfied. Take your time. Chat with the family. Slowly eat your meal so that your body has time to digest.

7) watch the fruity cocktails. like the rolls, one glass is okay, but the more you keep drinking, the more those calories add up and the more likely that you'll be less mindful of what you eat.

8) Unless you're cooking the meal or have to drive a long distance, get in your normal morning workout. Don't do extra exercise, try to stay on schedule. If you miss a day, that's okay too. You can resume your normal routine tomorrow.

9) Don't weigh yourself for at least 3-5 days after Thanksgiving. If you weigh yourself the next day, you'll be totally miserable. Why ? It'll be the physical weight off all the food you ate as well as any water retention from the excess salt. So, step away from the scale a few days.

Try to be mindful, but if you do end up eating a little too much, you have NOT hindered your efforts at weight loss or good health in any way !!

If anyone has any other holiday strategy they would like to add, let's get those ideas posted !!!

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