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9/27/17 5:02 A

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Make up a rule for yourself where you

a) never snack in the car.
b) stop snacking altogether.

By stopping to eat snacks on a daily basis you end up losing a lot of weight simply because snacks contain a lot more calories than you think. Good luck!

About to reach my goal weight :)
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9/21/17 6:52 P

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Instead of giving you suggestions on what to do next time (if there is one) I'm going to give you credit for being honest about eating the bag of M&M's. Your honesty with yourself is great, you know the what, where and why and now it's time to figure out what to do differently if you're in that situation again. I've been there too and after some thought figured out I was more boredom than anything and the M&M's seemed so small at the time until the bag was gone. In my mind, I was only having 5 - 6 at a time, but it was way too many times until there were no more.



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9/13/17 3:23 P

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The Odyssey - what a wonderful comparison!
I've had a long history of eating on auto-pilot (well, much of what I do in life is on auto-pilot!) and it is amazing how difficult it can be to break that programming. I've only recently learned to pause when I get some kind of craving, and to ask myself the "why" to find out what is prompting me to crave whatever food or drink it is. Am I eating out of boredom? Am I stressed? Am I hungry? Does it just plain look good to me (as is sometimes the case)? Asking why often keeps me from giving in, because it forces me to really think about the whole reward system. Sure, I get instant gratification by indulging, but is it really worth it to sabotage my otherwise healthy efforts? When I take the time to be rational about it, my answer is usually a resounding "no".

And Maria, I have the same rule: no food in the car. Actually, I've taken it a bit further and said no food in front of the TV, or when I'm reading/working, or any time I'm distracted. I've learned to only eat when I'm focused on what I'm putting into my mouth. Too easy to eat a whole bag of something when mindlessly munching :)

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9/13/17 8:50 A

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Oh, dear. Now the only way to solve this problem is to do 4 hours of biking! emoticon

No, seriously. I agree that not getting the food, and maybe giving yourself a small award for every day of NOT buying junkfood (like a pretty sticker or put a coin in a jar) is the best way to avoid this trouble.

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9/12/17 12:21 P

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For treats such as these, I buy the snack size or smallest package available, because many times I really only want a "taste" of something. Once that is satisfied, I don't want it again for quite a while. Perhaps, along with the other questions/comments others have suggested, you may want to try this if you feel you can be disciplined enough for a smaller portion.

A rule I have made for myself is no eating in the car. I gave up fast food almost entirely and if I ever go through a drive thru, it is for a coffee or a beverage, no food. I rarely ever break this rule, and if I do bring food in the car, it is a banana or slices of toast (some days I have to wake up and leave VERY early in the morning and have to bring a portable breakfast with me) that I take from home as I am going out the door.

Another rule I have is to be sure I have eaten a meal before going to the grocery store or market. This has helped me from impulse buying a lot of unnecessary items because I am hungry.

Lesson learned. While none of us want to feel deprived, finding ways to make adjustments can be challenging for all of us. Best wishes!


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9/12/17 9:40 A

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You ate the bag of M&M's on your drive home. When did you buy them? Also on the way home? Was the purchase and the consumption all impulse, if so then maybe earlier preparation of buying different snacks ahead of time would help?


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9/12/17 9:38 A

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"This after talking to myself in the store about NOT eating them and loving myself enough to NOT eat them"

So why did you buy them?
Figuring that out will help with similar dilemmas in the future.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
~ Randy Pausch

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9/12/17 8:41 A

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It sounds like this happened "on automatic." You had an intention to avoid the caramel m&ms. You said, "I will NOT." Then you did. You noticed after the fact. You expressed regret.

Unpleasant to notice autopilot programming, isn't it? Do you remember how in The Odyssey, Ulysses had to have his friends tie him to the mast of his boat so he wouldn't follow the sirens' call? When they sang, he tried to tear away and jump into the ocean. The song was so attractive that he forgot what he really wanted, as soon as there was contact with the sirens' voice.

We have to be willing to notice our programming, and have to take strong positive steps to change it. Habits of the body will win out over intentions more often than not, unless we find something solid to anchor our intentions and words. Maybe a text to a friend, changing where we shop to the farmer's market instead of the supermarket, or marking the candy and chip aisles out of bounds.

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9/12/17 6:20 A

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What did you eat for lunch ? Did you have lunch or did you skip meals ? If you were on your way home from work and hadn't eaten anything, then I can see why you felt a need to keep eating that bag of candy.

A person should try to avoid having junk/candy nearby if they haven't eaten a decent meal. If a person is hungry, they'll eat the entire bag. One thing to do is make sure you eat a nourishing breakfast/lunch. If you make sure you eat filling meals (or have healthy snacks on hand), you're less likely to eat an entire bag of candy.

Also, how did you feel when you ate them ? Were you really hungry ? Maybe you were bored or angry. Were you upset about anything that happened during the day ? When a person is bored or angry or upset, they'll eat a whole bag of chips or candy. It's called emotional eating. We all do it and have done it. it's going to happen. The goal to to keep from doing it every single day. If you eat a bag of candy like that every day, you would end up morbidly obese.

For now, you ate the food, you log the food, you move on. You do need to be honest with yourself. Log every single calorie. You have to accept that you ate the food.

Are you ready to move on ?

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9/12/17 6:10 A

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In addition to trying to figure out why it happened like Patti suggested, why did you even buy them? If you were talking to yourself about not buying them and loving yourself enough to not eat them?

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9/11/17 11:29 P

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Before you just put this in the past in the "Oops File"...can I suggest you check in with yourself on "Why?" that occurred. The reasons can be one of a thousand different yet valid ones....but unless you can start answering that question, you won't have gained the self-knowledge that will prevent a repeat performance.

When you key in on a reason---then create a small list of alternative actions for the next time (and I can almost guarantee there WILL be a next time--LOL--this Journey is kind of like that for almost all of us!!)

If you were overly hungry... then look at pre-emptively eating a healthy snack like Greek yogurt *Before* you set foot in the store...and then put the treats in the BACK of the car!
If you were excited about something to celebrate... get on Facebook or call your sister/friend/mom/co-worker...anything but eating!
If you were negatively stressed and "deserved" that about looking forward to a relaxing hot bath instead of food? Or calling that best friend to de-stress??

So many "take Away" lessons on this Journey...and most of us get to repeat them several times!! take care,

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
Gandalf: Lord of the Rings

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9/11/17 10:17 P

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Oh my!! I just ate an entire big 6 servings 1200 calories of carmel M&M's in 15 minutes on my drive home from town. This after talking to myself in the store about NOT eating them and loving myself enough to NOT eat them. emoticon
Oh well tomorrow is another day!! I will persevere!!


No trees or animals were harmed in the producing of the message, but many electrons were seriously inconvenienced!!

Laughter is the best medicine!! Always find the bright side even when it looks totally bleak.
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