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9/1/17 12:03 A

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When we exercise our legs, strength training it does help them go down (minus off the fat, UP with the muscles). As the post below, we are the DNA we get.

Learning to love ourselves, accept ourselves is an invaluable experience. Not sure if you've read THE SPARK by Chris Downie? He's the owner of the site (SPARKGUY). going thru this helps us in sooo many ways. It's NOT a "diet" it's a LIFESTYLE and in that LIFESTYLE is accepting both our weaknesses (LOL some of us OVERLY Accept this hence the need to work thru them, not ignore them. ANd learn to love ourselves as well as CELEBRATE the things we like and build on them.

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I DO NOT like the words "YOU CAN'T"!!! Where there's a WILL there's a WAY." It may NOT be the traditional way, but if we look for it, it'll be there. No matter where are on our journey we are HERE thus already an improvement.

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8/30/17 1:41 P

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I'd take a look at how your parents and grandparents are shaped. I'm shaped like my grandmothers, bigger thighs, hips and bust (hourglass-ish). My parents and sister are more rectangular shaped. I've gotten to the point in my life where I can love my body and work on improving what I've been given. I can do much more since I've lost weight and if I get discouraged I just think about what improvements I've made. I've been on and off the weight loss part of my journey for years with a sneaky 5 lbs that is making an extended visit right now - time to work on ending that visit, LOL.

You can do it, don't lose your focus of your journey!


Today is the first day in the journey to a healthier you!

Rome wasn't built in a day... and neither were my hips :)

I can do this!
I am in control!
I have the power to change my life!
I am doing this for the most important person in my life, me!

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8/26/17 1:01 A

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We are all shaped so differently. I have to be careful because I lose top down. I still need to lose weight, but my collar bone sticks out a mile and my upper ribs show. I have a big belly that just hangs out there. I will always have flappy arms.

But I am better for being thinner. Easier on my bones and joints. I am happier. I do look better in my clothes. I do feel better about myself.

Focus on all the good things that are happening. And remember, your legs will eventually slim down, just like my belly.

Keep going.

"Start from where you are." ~ Elle, AnAuthor

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. "~ John Quincy Adams

If you focus on results, you won't see change. If you focus on change, you will see results.

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8/6/17 2:08 P

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I downloaded a BMI ap that show my BMI/fat percent. I rely on that a lot!


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7/12/17 12:18 A

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So true! The mind can play funny tricks to get you off track and back to old bad habits.

- this isn't working
- I'm only loosing 2 pounds a week, not the expected 5
- I've lost 15 pounds and nobody has even noticed
- etc.

But if you put an objective number on anything:
- weight
- body fat percentage
- tape measure sizes (mid section, hips, calves, ...)
- distance walked

You will see positive changes, that should convince the self doubting mind.


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7/11/17 11:53 P

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I carry my weight in my lower body. I am very much pear shaped. My legs are very thick, with wide hips and a small waist and upper body (except upper arms). In losing weight, I find that although I am losing weight from my lower body as well, it is less noticeable to me. I have been down this road before and as I lost weight the last time (almost 90 lbs), I kept measurements. Even though it felt like my pants sizes were decreasing much more slowly than my tops, I actually lost MORE inches from my hips and thighs than anywhere else. I'm finding the same is true this time around.

I recommend you start taking measurements. As you lose, you will see that your thighs, along with the rest of your body, are indeed shrinking, whether you can feel it or not. Sometimes, our minds take a while to catch up with our bodies.

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7/10/17 10:13 A

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first of all congratulations on changing things in your life, either the types of foods you eat, or how much, or whatever you've changed, congratulations on getting healthier.

I'm Canadian with bad memory, so I have to look up how much one stone is every-time, it's 14 pounds. So losing 5 stone is 70 pounds, and just under 5 stone is the 66 pounds down.

Let me say, to go from 266, to 200 is a monumental achievement. Often we ourselves are in some sort of mental denial and don't see the incredible changes in our bodies. The clothes that are now too big, the belt hole changes, the wrist watch band, etc etc. You have to been feeling more mobile and more able to take on the world too. It is only in your mind that you think that you don't look all that different. Don't let that bit of your mind fool you or sabotage you, it just can't be true.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Exercise can target which muscles get used, an so toned. But you can't target which parts of the body loose body fat first. That just has its own agenda, however, ultimately it all comes off. So stick with it.

Do you have a scale with body fat percentage calculation? Tanita makes them, as do other companies. They are sometimes available in department stores, but I've seen them most often in fitness equipment stores. This may help you focus on fat loss and muscle gain as these scales measure lean an fat percentage, and the numbers may be an impartial motivator.

Interesting that you think you could have lost weight even faster if you had eaten fewer "trashy" foods. I'm curious how you define "trashy". One way I do that is to look at things that are fairly colourless, like white, or light brown, or so processed that it is like nothing found in nature. For example Cheetos, over processed, manufactured, and like nothing in nature, like say a red pepper, which is clearly natural.

Don't worry about exercising and the extra muscle making it look like you've lost less weight. You are trading fat for lean mass, and muscle and lean mass burn more calories, even when dormant. In other words, not only will you be fitter, you will be speeding up future weight loss.

You are doing very well. Don't imagine otherwise.


All time highest weight : 217 pounds

Starting weight : 195.0 pounds (June 7, 2012)
Final weight : 168.2 pounds (July 23, 2013)

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7/10/17 9:12 A

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What you're experiencing really is perfectly normal. Some women carry their weight in their stomachs. Some carry it around their hips. You may be genetically predisposed to carry your weight around your legs. And that's just the way the way the genetic ball bounced.

With a healthy diet and a some strength training, you can decrease the size of your legs, a bit. You'll have to see how your body is once it is in a healthy weight range for your height. If you're still considered overweight and need to lose more, you could still lose off your legs. I know that when I lost, my hips were the last place the weight came off.

How much weight do you need to lose to get to a healthy weight for your height ? If you need to lose more weight, then you just may need to be more patient with your body. And yes, more of the trashy food needs to go. The junk food isn't help.

Also, what have you been doing for exercise ? Do you do any strength training ? If you really want to see a difference in your body, then you need to add lean muscle. Adding lean muscle will help you reduce inches as well as give your body some definition. So, if you haven't been doing any sort of strength or resistance training, you should start with one workout per week. Adding some ST can help give your body some definition if that's what you'd like.

Do your best to try to clean up your diet. Remember, when your insides are healthy, that will reflect on your outsides.

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7/10/17 6:55 A

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so basically over the past 5 months I've somehow gotten to the point where I am near enough 5 stone down from what I started at (266 lbs/19 stone), Although I am pretty proud of this and I am now just about to go under 200 lbs, I in reality don't look all that different.

I've noticed and my family have noticed clear changes in these places:
Hands, Forearms, Belly, Face, Neck, And a little in the chest.
It's all good and all but my problem lies in my upper arms and my legs/thighs.

I have not lost any fat in my legs from what I've been able to tell AT ALL. And they are pretty big and were one of the reasons I decided to lose weight. After 5 stone down I am kind of dissapointed and slightly worried too. I can assure you it's not loose skin at all, It's pure fat.

I will admit I've lost most of my weight whilst still eating trashy foods which probably slowed the fat loss process down even though I was still eating under my daily goal of calories. But I've thrown all of these out now and attempt to eat a healthy, steady diet with one "treat" day/meal at the end of the week. But I've still not noticed much of a difference.

I am attempting to also build my muscles up in my arms and legs so could this be another reason they generally look bigger? I started my arms only about 2 weeks ago and can see they look slightly bigger and my skin has tightened so I'm not to worried about that.

But in my legs I purposefully stopped trying to build up much muscle because I was worried that it could make my legs worse. And I don't know if that was a good or a bad thing to do or not.

Is it just normal for something like this to happen? I'm currently looking into more of a direct way to attempt to loose body fat and to measure it too. But I think I've lost some body fat anyway just not in my legs? I'm a man so having thighs bigger than your hands is not comfortable in any way at all. Constantly having problems with it was one of the many reasons that motivated me to loose weight and fat, So I wouldn't have to deal with these issues anymore. But for some reason it's like the Devil is preventing me from loosing any fat their whatsoever.

Worst thing being I seem to have lost quite a lot of fat around my ankles and low parts of my leg, But get to my calf and them it's just the same as it was for 266 lbs me.

If anyone here has gone through the same thing or atleast knows if it's normal or not please reply with what you know! Cheers in advanced!

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