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5/4/20 6:55 A

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4 lbs a month is great! That seems slow but slower is better!

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5/2/20 8:29 A

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It seems to me that progress is when you move closer to your goal if small or otherwise. Part of adopting a healthy new lifestyle is learning patience as you persevere with improvements. Congratulations on your progress so far. emoticon

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5/1/20 3:25 P

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"Wow - I had a bad month in April. I only lost four lbs "
You really need to adjust your expectations.
As mentioned already, healthy weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week. So you did NOT have a bad month at all!

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5/1/20 6:29 A

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You "cheated"? I encourage you to remove that word from your vocabulary when it comes to nutrition. There is nothing wrong with enjoying some treats, especially when in conjunction with a celebration like a birthday or anniversary is okay. It's when you enjoy those treats every day that is becomes an issue.

Kris gave you some excellent advice. I encourage you to take it to heart.

A 4 pound loss is good! Healthy weight loss averages 1-2 pounds a week across time. Since weight loss isn't linear, some weeks, you'll loss, gain, or stay the same.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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5/1/20 1:57 A

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I had a wee peek at your Nutrition Tracker and have some observations:

* Do you enter everything you eat? If you do, then you are UNDER-eating, not over-eating. An average weight, sedentary man requires at least 1550 calories per day. Your Nutrition Tracker shows a lot less than that. When a person under-eats, it usually slows their metabolism down which makes it harder to lose weight in future. It also means it is much more difficult to get the essential vitamins/minerals that your body requires.

* I notice that most of your entries are self-entries. You only record calories. Is it possible that you may have entered in inaccurate calorie information?

* You would find it helpful to have the fats/carbs/protein entered as well.

* Are you doing a Keto diet? I notice not much in the way of fruit/veggies/whole-grains.

Losing 4lb for a month is NOT bad at all. It is faster than I lost at my fastest. The point is, the slower losses are far more likely to stay off. Just make sure that you do it in healthy way.


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4/30/20 3:42 P

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Wow - I had a bad month in April. I only lost four lbs and only cheated on three anniversary and birthday dates. I think I will have to reevaluate my calories per day and drop 'em another 200 cause I think the weight loss is starting to level off because my calorie needs per day has decreased along with my current weight loss. I will have to figure it out.

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