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10/26/19 7:35 P

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The majority of weight-loss comes down to nutrition. I managed to lose about 60lb and exercise did not play a part in it because I didn't do much. All *I* needed to do was slightoly tweak my calorie intake (already a very healthy diet with hardly any junk or processed foods)

For you, stress seems to be playing a significant part in it. Have you tried 5 minutes here and 5 minutes t here exercise snatches at home or work? If not, that can help with you not going to the gym.

Below are some links which may be helpful where it comes to your emotional eating:

Rather than focusing on 'having' to lose so much weight for your wedding, why not instead focus on 'reducing' weight and being healthy for your wedding. Mat Pilates is a great form of exercise that you can do at home and it mainly concentrates on your core muscles altho' all other muscles are also worked out. It can give the the appearance of having lost weight even if you haven't, and can often drop at least a dress size in the process. Going to a few classes is a great way to learn the correct techniques.

Good luck,

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10/26/19 6:45 A

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For the short term, focus on getting to 190.

Find at home workouts that you can do if you don't have the time for a personal trainer or the gym. Squats with boxes is one option if you are have plenty of them around and are moving them around anyway. Go for short walks around the block or to explore the new neighborhood. Find a video you like, use You are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren, join an adult league in your area, whatever suits you.

Find some ways to de-stress. For some people exercise fits this bill, others prefer meditation or bubble baths, and still others prefer an old movie. If work is really rough a licensed mental health profession, member of the clergy, or even certain friends or family members could be great resources for you. In addition, set some goals to actively relieve your stress at work. Acquire a skill or certification that would make you a better candidate, be it for your current job, another position in your field, or something that would be a left turn entirely for you. Polish up your resume and look around a little. Networking, online, just look out for what your options are if its so rough going where you are. If money is a factor look for ways to cut your expenses so that you can work with less coming in. Focusing up on building your short term reserves also gives you more options. You can also set some realistic goals and timelines for the next six months or so. Keep in mind the realistic. In the shorter term, focusing on three to five things a day makes it much easier to accomplish those three things than trying to fumble through an ominous to do list. So set aside a few minutes the night before, pick the three things that you are going to focus on and set yourself up to succeed. If you wait until you are in the moment you will spend at least twice that time trying to figure out what is the priority. A little bit of planning can also mean pushing one errand back and another up so that you can hit them both on the same trip and save some travel time going to each place individually. Little things like this help you to tackle the same tasks without feeling as overwhelmed by them.

Don't just have a perfect day diet in place, have some fall back options. Know what you can grab and go at the grocery store if you run short on time. Know what restaurants are nearby and what options are doable if you run short of time. Batch cook where you can so that you have homemade frozen dinner options. Have meal plan options that involve simple preparations that let you take care of other things while they work. Slow cookers are one option and there are tons of recipes for sheet pan dinners out there. If you need to have snacks with you, plan on it and keep snacks that work for you on you. If you don't need them often, have a list in your wallet or on your phone of where to go to if you need them. Knowing the place on the corner has hard boiled eggs and apples can mean you just need to keep a packet of nut butter with you to complete a snack instead of having to pack something perishable everyday.

Also make sure that you are eating and eating enough and at regular intervals. Nothing makes impulsive eating easier than not eating enough and not eating frequently enough because those things prime you to shovel in whatever is nearby and fast. Since whatever is nearby and fast often spikes your blood sugar and dumps you shortly after, it sets up a cycle to continue. Again, a few minutes planning ahead, though it will sometimes take you longer when starting out, can make a huge difference in how your day goes. It makes you proactive about your day instead of reactive and that can make a lot of difference. The other important thing is to have a backup plan in place. Plan B is much easier to flow into than panicking because your schedule is off. Its much easier to do when you have three things on your list instead of ten plus. Set aside five minutes to panic and vent if you need to, but have ideas in place of what you could do instead.

-google first. ask questions later.

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10/25/19 3:25 P

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Hey ! So I started my weight loss journey about 3 months ago. After some hiccups of ironing out my diet, I began working with a personal trainer three days a week and dropped about 3.5% BF and dropped to 192 pounds. The past one month, owing to work stress, moving out and a bunch of other factors, I stopped going to the gym and nearly put back on 5-6 pounds. I am stuck now, I am trying to get to 160 pounds by February in time for my wedding. Nowadays I am driven to so much of impulsive eating, and have completely lost the motivation to exercise. Any advice welcome!

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