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10/3/19 12:30 P

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Gemfire -

What a wonderful way to both celebrate starting Medicare AND doing some really positive things for yourself. That is definitely most needed as a caregiver (my partner had MS).

Congratulations on your wonderful steps forward!!

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10/3/19 9:05 A

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Hello Gemfire,

Life does have ups and downs, make a solid committment to how many days you will be going to the gym and honor that promise to yourself. It worked for me to put a star on a calendar for each day the walk my resolve declared was made. Wonderful motivation to see the month full of stars. Also posting with your progress is a positive boost.

You have my wishes for success.
Having been a part time care giver for my dad, now my memories are happier knowing what value was added by my caring and giving before he passed away.

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10/1/19 8:03 P

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best of luck GEMFRIRE

from my experience, u'll have good days and bad days, the bad days are the worst both mentally the emotionally, but try and get back on the horse as soon as possible and don't fall in the slump...

best of luck!

10/1/19 7:03 P

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Milestone hit first day on Medicare! How did I celebrate? Joined a gym!
Have not been in a gym in close to 20 years but this is a new phase for me.
Have been working on controlling my blood sugar and have made great progress with a change in diet but need to be more active.
I also need ME time as a full time caregiver for both parents (dad has dementia). The stress has been rough on all of us - just learning to live in the same house and that loss of privacy and freedom.
I am totally excited about this new adventure and know I will have days that my excitement will wain but I am determined to make this work!
Any words of wisdom and motivation is appreciated!

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