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4/12/19 7:02 A

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Hi SWARMBRUNN - I am really sorry to hear that you have been laid off. I know that anxiety often hits the roof when something like this happens.

You say that this is the first time in your 30 years marriage you don't have your own money. I know that pride can have a major impact on a person, and for a lot of people being able to contribute financially is very important, but:

Can you and your other half get by o.k. on the reduced income?

Is your partner supportive of you under the current circumstances?

One thing that I will suggest which COULD help you to get a job sooner, is to volunteer for a charity somewhere. It might be a hospice shop, or visiting lonely, elderly people in your area. I would suggest that you think about what would interest you, and then check out those options. The reason is that people who are seen to be community minded people will often get their foot in the door of a job more easily than others, even with exactly the same qualifications.

Good luck,

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4/11/19 8:48 P

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I was in nursing so that wasn’t a worry for me. Stay positive. emoticon

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4/9/19 10:33 A

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I hope things are going well for you in your job search. I have been laid off a couple of times in my life. I know it's hard when it is unexpected. Perhaps you can see it as a "window closing and a door opening". It can be an exciting time to refresh and try something new. Best wishes !!!

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3/15/19 9:18 A

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Very useful recommendations

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3/11/19 1:10 P

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Sounds like you have a great plan!

I have a few suggestions for you as I somewhat recently completed a very long job search (uncommon specialty for my background) and found the job of my dreams! Of course you have plenty of experience so these may not be helpful, but I hope some are!

Treat your job search like a job in and of itself- set your hours (like you have- afternoons) and then cut yourself off. Make sure you're applying to jobs that really fit what you're looking for. Give yourself 1-2 days OFF of searching. I found the guidance on askamanager very helpful for cover letter/resume updating. If there are any relevant volunteer opportunities you can explore or networking events, you may find them helpful to connect you with others more organically. (full disclosure: I'm terrible with networking events, but enjoy volunteering so that was also a good way to keep my resume fresh and active during my hunt). And remember- you are also interviewing your potential employers. Changing my mindset to that after a negative employment experience really helped me feel more relaxed during interviews.

I wish you the best of luck! Hope you find a job that's a great fit.

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3/11/19 6:42 A

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Iam sorry! Getting laid off is never easy. But, it sounds like you have a great plan to stay active an looking for work.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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3/10/19 10:05 P

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I am so sorry to hear you were laid off. I can only imagine how stressful that would be. It sounds like you are off to a good start with your self-motivation. Love that you are working out early and then getting about your work of finding work after that. Just keep going like you are and you will succeed! I wish you all the best with your job search, not to mention the college graduations you have coming up soon.

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3/10/19 8:31 P

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I waslaid off 2 weeks ago.. i am 55 and devasted. I really did not see this coming , i left a job after 16 years to work at this new career. I am trying to stay motivated working out in the morning and job searching in the daughers will be completing college in may...this is the first tine in 30 yers of marriage that i do not have my own money... i just need sone positive motivation.

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