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2/27/19 2:28 P

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Hi Les,
reason is usually in diet, not in exercise - and your 45 minutes per day should be enough.

How do you measure your food to make sure it is within 1800 calories?
Kitchen scale, measuring cups or eyeballing?
Inaccurate measuring may add 1-200 calories per day, and that's enough to slow down weight loss.

Another thing may be the quality of food. How much processed food (sugar and flour) do you eat? They make make blood sugar levels rise rapidly, high BS means high insulin, and high insulin may lead to insulin resistance and leptin resistance... which makes it difficult to lose weight and follow a diet and an exercise routine. If this is the case, replacing sugar and flour with whole fruit, vegetable and whole grains can help, even if you keep eating the same amount of calories.

Congrats to your weigh loss success, even if it is not as much as you expected!

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Maintenance Lessons Learned:
-go on with the healthy lifestyle learned in weight loss phase
-just add healthy foods gradually to stop losing
-work out every day - 30-60 minutes is enough to maintain weight and good mood
-do not try to balance overeating by extreme workouts, it is not going to work
-avoid overeating, instead of satisfaction you get stronger cravings

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2/27/19 2:01 P

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Agreed, I do not think you are eating enough if you are getting really good quality (sweating - feel like you're dying) workouts. I don't know your height and weight, but with you being male (assumed by your photo) and having a BMI of 41, you are going to need more calories than 1800.

I am female. Only 5'3" and 140ish pounds and if I'm exercising even just 20 minutes of hard running, I can "earn" up to 2000+ calories in a day (calculated for weight loss w/ goal weight of 120lbs).

I would need your height and weight to have a better idea, but I'm guessing you could do more like 2400 give or take. I always calculate a range.

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2/12/19 9:10 A

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You're not eating enough. If you're doing 45 minutes of real exercise, there is no way that your calorie count should be 1800. Do you track your exercise along with your food? If not, you might want to try that for a few weeks and see what your suggested calorie count is. I know that it sounds counter-intuitive, but when I in the pool 4-5 days a week, if I don't eat way above my normal calorie range, my weight stalls. I am most successful when I eat back at least half of the calories I have burned. And like another poster said, I actually have a slightly high metabolism and not eating enough makes my body hang on to weight.
If there is a place near you that can do metabolism testing, it is worth the money. I got mine done at a sports training place that does dexa scans too.

It's frustrating. Good luck!

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2/11/19 11:15 A

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is there a place near you that can test your metabolism? a nearby hospital or even fitness center may offer metabolic testing for a reasonable fee. that will get you a better approximation of your daily caloric needs. i thought i had a slow metabolism but it turns out my metabolism is actually higher than expected for someone of my age/weight/gender/etc. as such, i needed to eat a little bit more to lose weight. might be worth looking into!

Healthy choices and actions have positive impacts, even if the scale doesn't move!

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2/10/19 5:03 A

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As I have responded on your blog I won't respond here other than to wish you well.


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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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2/9/19 9:33 P

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above is article
below is video both on intermittent fasting for those with slow metabolism

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2/9/19 4:50 P

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Well, a plateau is more like six weeks plus at the same weight, so that's not it.

You did not mention heading to your doctor for a checkup, so that would be a great place to start to help rule out any medical issues that may complicate things. Knowing your bodyfat percentage would also be significantly more helpful than knowing your BMI.

Have you read any of Coach Dean's story? You might find some decent suggestions there. Depending on your actual height, weight, exercise and how you respond I would say to try in the 1600-1700 range and see how that goes. If you are weak and can't make it through your exercise then bump it back up. Four pounds of loss is still four pounds that aren't on you any longer so it may be that you are in your sweet spot and the only thing that you are lacking is the patience to see it through. Or you could be eating a little higher than you should be to lose or you might be eating a little under where you need to be to lose. The only concrete data you provided was 4 lbs of loss in 32 days, 1800 calories a day limit (on average what number might that be? 1000 cals? 1500 cals?), and 45 minutes of exercise (are you running 9 miles or lightly gardening or walking away the pounds or rowing?) a day, which isn't a particularly comprehensive overview from which to offer better suggestions.

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-google first. ask questions later.

2/9/19 3:27 P

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Hi all,

I have re started on my quest to be healthy (and thinner). 32 days in and still calorie counting. My exercise regime also continues. BUT, I still need/want to lose about 24 kg (approx 50 lbs).
So here it is. In my spark 32 days, I have lost exactly 4 lbs. I cannot think of any reason why the weight just isn’t falling off me.

• Before you reply, please don’t write encouragements like.... it will come...or... stay motivated.. or .... you have just reached a plateau... etc etc.. I know all that, it’s just with a BMI of 41, I know I am doing enough with my 1800 kcal a day food limit, and an average of 45 mins of exercise a day.

I am at a loss. My body possibly thinks I am in starvation mode, but I am consuming 1800 kcal a day (so that is probably not it).

HELP. I need ideas. Ideas, which don’t involve the use of inane phrases, but instead offer Scientific rhyme and reason. I am completely motivated, so don’t worry about that side of it. My trouble is that my weight is not getting lower. I need suggestions please. Tangible ones only please.

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