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9/16/18 2:26 P

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I'm always struggling with motivation. Last year I got really into bullet journaling and that helped a lot. Not only is it a way to help me de-stress but I love having all the visual representations of my success.

It also helps when I have short goals I'm actively working toward rather than just trying to stay motivated for a general goal like being healthy.

And of course you can always take up a new form of exercise. Train for a half-marathon, take kick-boxing class, take a dance class, just something new and excited rather than the same old thing.

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9/16/18 12:57 P

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9/16/18 12:11 A

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I feel that it might be beneficial for you to make an appointment with your Dr to see if there is something medical going on, i.e:
Diabetes? Low Iron? Diet changed as in reduced quality nutrition? Thyroid issues? Those are the more common ones.

Is there something emotional at play? Stress/Anxiety/Depression?

Are you waking refreshed in the morning? If not, sleep apnea could be to blame.

Good luck,

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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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9/15/18 7:17 P

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I think you have to figure out the why before you can figure out the fix. Being bored isn't the same as having a short term goal (like fitting in a wedding dress) that no longer works. Even being bored has multiple angles: are you bored of your workout, is your workout goal no longer challenging to maintain, or is there something else in your life and that dissatisfaction is bleeding over into this?

If you usually walk an hour a day, what could you do differently? Would you be able to go to another location that isn't as familiar? Could you meet up with various friends or a group to walk together? Could you incorporate some jogging, running or interval training in your walks? Would you be able to walk on a fitness trail that has stations with instructions on how to perform those exercises? Could you bike instead of walk (either indoor bike or outdoor bike)? Is there another fitness option that would interest you in place of walking like pilates, yoga, Jazzercise, swimming or boxing?

What was your motivation to lose weight? Was there something particularly uncomfortable about where you were that impulsed you to make a change? Is making sure that you do not reach that place again any sort of motivator for you? Would a 5/10/15/21/42 K be a motivator to get you out there? Perhaps even one of the ones where you sign up to fundraise for the cause as part of your entry? Would outreach in the community get you out there? Team RWB, Team in Training or even just a local elementary school could provide a reason to get out there. Could you pick up litter and better your community? Are there any people in your neighborhood who could use someone to walk their dog (either for kindness or pay depending on your motivation) or who could use a visit (walk there, walk back and spend time with someone who can't get out as much as they would like)? Would you prefer to garden for an hour?

You may also take a deep look within and find that you don't want to walk an hour a day just so you can have an extra 100 calories a day. So cut back either the duration or the frequency of your walks and your calories accordingly. I also find the fifteen minute rule to be helpful. Making yourself do what needs to be done for fifteen minutes will either get you going to finish what you didn't think you could do or it will get you fifteen minutes in and you can call it good for right then. One other thing that I like to do is set three things that I want to accomplish each day. If you do this you might find that there are other things that you need to prioritize over an hour of walking each day. Let yourself scale back or occasionally remove that hour a day commitment if you need to do other things without beating yourself up over it.

-google first. ask questions later.

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9/15/18 12:42 P

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For the first time in several years, I am feeling unmotivated in my healthy living life style.

I used to walk every day for an hour. For the last couple of months I can't get myself to get up and do it. I seem to not have the energy for it anymore.

Maybe I've gotten bored with the old routine, I don't know. Anyway, I am hoping to get some suggestions for busting out of this lack of motivation. TYIA

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