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8/25/18 7:00 P

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What is the state of your house? When I have been out and about more than usual, or if I have been sick, my house tends to have a mountain of little things that I have let fall by the wayside and that isn't counting all of my future plan projects in various states of development. Which means it can get so overwhelming it's hard to even start. One of the best things that I have started trying to do is to sit out the night before and pick three tasks that I will accomplish each day. Having a short and easy list lets me focus and feel accomplished, even if there are still a few dozen things I am getting around to. I can often manage to do more when I don't spend as much time wavering in what I should do next. I will also say that is amazing in helping you set up a routine and shows the value of fifteen minutes a day. It seems like too little, but it really does make a difference over time. If you have the resources, is there anything that you can outsource to make it easier on you? Having someone clean your house on a certain basis can take some things off of your plate. So can picking up dinner out or relying on the grocery store to clean and chop your vegetables. If you need a little help, get a little help.

I have also found that words matter. Instead of "I don't have time for" I try to use "it's not a priority." Running to the bank isn't as much of a priority as fooling around on facebook for the next hour. Being honest with myself can be a kick in the pants, but it also also highlighted my need for dedicated hours of me screwing off time. Allowing myself that indulgence is okay, but in allocating time I often try and save up errands to be run together. So tomorrow I have to run some papers over, so I will stop by the produce place nearby, pick up a few grocery items that I don't need yet but are only stocked at one store, and I will drop of my library books on the way back. I try and put off errands until I can do them together on a particular route and then hit them all at once. I have a South route, an East route, a North route and a West route, and I know how to work the North and West routes into my commute home sometimes. It's a bit of planning, but it saves me time in the commute.

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8/24/18 3:08 P

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I'm wondering whether your job requires a lot of social interaction (busy office or sales / marketing), and if perhaps you have more of an introverted personality...

I was highly successful in sales, would leave my home all cranked up on coffee and adrenaline and "motivation", and be ON for my customers all day --- any workout had to be at a gym on the way home, followed by a stop for groceries on the way, because the second I got home I *crashed* (and hard). The issue for me wasn't procrastination - it was purely emotional and mental exhaustion from pouring out all of my energy to my customers and for my work, leaving me so totally drained that the very best that I could do was collapse and try to just have some quiet alone time to recharge a bit.

I was already a few decades in to my career when I figured out just how much extra stress my type of job caused me, and I had no desire to start over with something else, so I started looking at small changes that would make it easier on me. I changed up my schedule to allow for an hour or two extra in the mornings to get my home chores done (cleaning and laundry and batch cooking) and to get my "office" chores done at home on my laptop without the added stress and distraction of actually being in the office. I started having "one-on-one walking meetings" whenever possible instead of "group lunch meetings", and made sure that I included some quiet time for myself in the middle of each afternoon whenever possible. Just those few extra hours where I could work alone without having to be ON made a huge difference for me, and getting my main home chores done before I used up all of my energy on work made me feel soooo much better about myself and my home.

Maybe take a look at what you do and what is draining the most of your energy, and then think of ways that you can change things around to start taking care of yourself FIRST while you still have some energy!

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8/24/18 5:48 A

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I wonder if you are pushing yourself too hard that when you ARE at home you are exhausted, and don't really quite realize it? I know that when I used to work up to 70-80hr weeks, I would be sooo tired at home, and never really realized it until I had a few weeks off work re a health issue (not fatigue-causing) After I stopped working those hours things improved considerably and I was more motivated to do more at home.


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8/22/18 11:19 A

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I was running into a similar problem. I eventually just realized that I needed to add exercise into my daily routine. When I was away from home, I wasn't on my day-to-day schedule and it allowed me to think of other ways to change up my schedule. When I got back home though, I got back into my daily routine that didn't include any exercise. It takes time, but you have to force yourself to exercise until it becomes a habit. Once it's a habit, it will be easier to do. Personally, it helped to do exercises at home. That way I didn't have to fit in travel time to the gym into my schedule (or find the motivation to leave the house to go to the gym).

8/22/18 9:36 A

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When I am at work or away from home, I feel so motivated to exercise and eat healthy! But when I get home... it all falls apart! It's not just an evening thing; on days off, it's hard for me to even feel motivated to run errands that I know need to be done. I become such a procrastinator!

So just curious: any tips on becoming motivated when I'm in my "comfort zone," so to speak?

I've tried just telling myself to get up and do it! That rarely works. =/

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