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8/28/18 11:23 A

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Nothing easy about it. Everyday is a new day tho. Plan tonight for what to do tomorrow.

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8/14/18 6:09 A

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Perhaps your problem is that you start out too quickly and having made a lot of change your mind and body tend to rebel.

Start with baby steps ... change only one or two things and stick with those changes until your mind/body has gotten used to the changes, then add something else to the mix. It could be as simple as instead of eating a cake or an ice-cream, swap it for a piece of fruit, or instead of having that soda or juice, replace at least some with a glass of water. While you are doing that, make one change to your exercise. If you aren't already used to exercise, just start by either going for a 10 minute walk, or mobilizing more in your day. If you are already accustomed to some exercise, extend on that with a bit more time and intensity.

In time you will realize that you have made lots of changes and should be seeing some improvements, i.e.
more energy
improved skin/hair condition
improved sleep
improved fitness

You MIGHT also notice a slight drop in weight, or your clothes starting to fit you better.

By making these gradual changes it kinda tricks your mind into thinking that this is what it has always done, so it doesn't seem like a chore or hard work.

Good luck,

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8/13/18 6:40 P

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For me I have a visual. I keep a large calendar where everyone can see it and place stickers when I do a workout, with a little note what, when and how long. So on days I ride a bike, I put 20 min, 6 miles @ 6:30am. It really works for me. Seeing stickers keep me motivated and if there isn't a sticker by Wednesday, it gets me moving. I take my dog for a brisk walk or go for a quick run. I do something.

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8/13/18 5:22 P

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Stop starting at your end goal and instead start where you are. Everything that you do, all the off the wagon stuff, you do because you have determined that it's the best use of your resources. Sure you can do a bunch of random things that you aren't used to doing for a little while, but then you revert to what you have determined is the best option for you once life happens. Which means that you have to change what you find to be the best use of your resources. So pick one thing, say eating an additional serving of vegetables a day or walking for ten minutes a day, and give yourself at least a week or two to work that little thing in. If it's still difficult after a week or two, give it another week or two working on that one thing. Adding an additional serving of vegetables a day seems easy, but you have to remember to buy an additional seven servings at the grocery store. You have to add in the prep time for the additional vegetables and you have to make sure that you'll use up what you have before it spoils. This might require adding in a trip to the grocery store, splitting up your grocery store trip into two or other adjustments to shopping trip frequency and volume. You have to cut the time to prep and cook them from something else and you also have to have the cooking skills and recipes that fit your time constraints. Don't forget that this might increase your dish use, which means more time cleaning up. Most people are also going to want the additional vegetable to go with what else they're eating, so there is that, along with what meal the vegetable will go with (spinach in your omelet, your sandwich fillings on salad greens for lunch, stick and dip vegetables for a snack, or something roasted with your baked protein for dinner) or if it will rotate and how you'll keep track. Having a shelf stable fallback for if your first choices spoils or becomes unavailable will also help you meet this goal long term. And that's just adding in a serving. Ten minute walks you might need to change your clothes or shoes, possibly shower after or plan your walk right before your shower. Each little thing is a cascade of other adjustments, so take the time and set up all the other little pieces so that it becomes easier to make the choice that you want to make. It can take months and years to slowly get where you want to, but doing it this way means it's much less of a struggle.

-google first. ask questions later.

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8/13/18 11:21 A

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Write out some specific, long term goals that you have. When you are losing motivation, review those goals and ask yourself if you want to accomplish your goals.

After I review my goals, I don't magically get a flood of motivation for the day, but I typically get just enough motivation to make it through the day. I usually have to remind myself of my goals every day for a while. Eventually it just turns into a habit, which helps out with my motivation in the long run.

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8/13/18 6:11 A

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I am finding it really hard to stay motivated. I'll start off really well and then after a couple of weeks I just can't he bothered anymore. I need an easy way to stay motivated

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