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9/7/18 11:44 A

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Start with small goals and then increase when you get comfortable doing and maintaining those goals.

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9/6/18 5:21 P

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I read your post and saw that if you put your goal in and time frame Spark will tell you how long it will take. where do i do that

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8/4/18 11:44 P

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My initial goal was different to my Registered Dietitian. She stated a specific weight she wanted to get to .... MY goal was just to lose SOME weight. Once I started to lose it made things easier.

As far as exercise is concerned, if you aren't accustomed to much, then even 15 minutes daily might be enough until you are able to increase it. Incorporate some strength training into your regime. Even if it is only using 2 equal weight cans of beans for arm exercises for a minute or two initially. And/or you could do 3-4 wall press-ups.

As your body adapts to exercise, you can build on it with intensity and duration.

When I started out with the exercise after a lot of down time re a bad car accident, my physiotherapist started me off with 2x 5 minute sessions per day. Mostly just sitting on a gym ball and rocking re core muscles, and lifting one foot off the floor at a time for balance. After a couple weeks I was able to increase slightly until I was doing a full 1hr Mat Pilates class per week, 6 days of 15 minutes Mat Pilates, and regular brisk walking ranging from 10 to 25 minutes per day.


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8/1/18 6:09 P

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5 kilos is a great place to start. You can also set up a midmonth checkup to adjust if need be. In other words, if you are already at 8 kilos lost, maybe up your goal to 10 kilos. If you are at 1 kilo lost, adjust your goal to 2 kilos.

Do the same with fitness. Ten minutes 2-3 days a week is great, but review and see where you are midway through. If you are knocking out twenty minutes a day, set a slightly higher goal. If ten minutes is too much, make it five minutes. You can also try something like walking around the block you live on. Time it the first time you do it and make sure to note it somewhere. Keep walking that block and over time you will notice that you're getting around the block faster than you used to. As you get faster, you can keep focusing on getting faster, but you could also add a second lap or another block into your walk. Keep noting the times and distances and when you look back in the months and years to come you will see progress. I just flipped back to the start of my notebook and compared last night to five years ago. Last night I was out for a minute less than I was five years ago, but I went a mile farther. It shows over time if you are consistent with it, so start figuring out where is comfortable, and then make a goal of pushing yourself just a little bit.

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8/1/18 8:15 A

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I'm going to second much of the good advice provided below. I would recommend starting slow- 10 minutes 3x a week for the first week, then 10 min 5x a week for the second week, then 15 min 3x a week, etc. you want to build slowly to prevent injury. this can include walking, workout videos here on spark, etc. i would also start incorporating strength training- there are tons of resources here on spark to help you do these workouts at home if you don't have access to a gym or equipment.

5 kg is quite a bit for one month- to put that into perspective that requires you to create a deficit of about 38,500 calories. That means you'll need to create an average deficit of about 1242 calories per day. Of course you can do this through both food and exercise, but that's a pretty severe deficit. Have you entered that goal into spark? It'll provide you with guidance as to whether that's achievable (and recommended). You can either enter your loss goal and it'll give you a date to target, or you can enter a date (like 8/31) and it'll tell you how much to target to lose by then.

Feel free to message me if you'd like to chat!

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8/1/18 6:51 A

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Have you been exercising at all? If yes, then 30 minutes may be a reasonable goal. If not, then 30 minutes may be overwhelming.

Here in the USA, it's generally recommended to aim for 150 minutes of moderate execise including strength and cardio. That breaks down into 30 minutes 5 days a week. The time can be broken into units as small as 10 minutes. So, you could do 3 10 minute segments a day for your 30 minutes.

If you are newer to exercise, you could start aiming for a goal of 5 or 10 minutes a day for 2 or 3 days a week. Once that becomes easier, you can increase by minutes and/or days til you reach your goal.

Personal example: One of my current exercise goals is training for a half marathon (13.1 miles/21k). I set up my 3 month/12 week program based on my race date of September 24. I exercise regularly but don't do longer distances all the time so I know I need to follow the plan that starts with shorted distances and builds to the race distance.

So, a good exercise plan starts small and builds to where you need to be.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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8/1/18 2:04 A

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I do hope I'm posting this in the right place.
I'm having trouble setting up a goal or Goals for August. I should set up achievable goals, but considering I've never set up goals, how do I know what is achievable and what would be to much?
I'm aiming for 5 kilos of weight loss this month since I am very overweight (obesity stage 4 here in Germany), but what about fitness? I really don't want to go through another month just winging this. It didn't work for the first half of this year.
Is 30 minutes a day too much? Is my weight loss aim to much? So many questions.
I would appreciate all the advice one can give me.

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