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8/7/18 1:33 A

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My advice is to point out that all sugar is not the same. HFCS was invented in the 70's and began our years of obesity. You would be well advised to first eliminate HFCS as the first step. Then you could address cane or beet sugar.

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7/30/18 2:05 A

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I finally reached a point where I would look at the treats and imagine that they were just plastic decorations.... Made them much less appealing! LOL

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7/29/18 6:57 A

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I have the same problem at work. I remind myself that a lot of hands and other people's DNA is all over that food! It makes it much less appetizing! Also, I really do not have time at work to sit and savor every bite like I do at home! Hope this helps!

Good for you trying to avoid treats at work! I am cheering you on!

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7/25/18 9:32 P

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Great job in choosing to enjoy your planned foods instead of adding in extras!

Our office break room was always filled with foods, too --- leftover pastries and donuts from breakfast meetings, leftover pizza or chicken or sandwiches from lunch meetings, leftover cookies and muffins from afternoon meetings, an assortment of random desserts brought in by staff as a "treat" for everyone, and - of course - the piles of candy and cookies and chocolates that people over-bought for holidays or to support one kids' sports team or other and didn't want hanging around their house so they dumped them at work...

Fortunately for me, very little of the stuff that was ever brought in was something that I had any liking for, so I was always happier to either not eat there or to enjoy my own stuff that I had brought in. The only time that I had any urge to indulge was with a couple of gals who were absolutely incredible bakers --- and I would most happily enjoy their creations when they were brought in! I'll always make room in my calorie / nutrient budget for well-crafted and delicious indulgences, made with quality ingredients and a lot of skill...

As for the day-to-day purchased stuff, well, as others have said "it's not MINE so I don't have to eat it --- especially when I've got a much better choice right here". Honestly, I'd take your pineapple and grapes over a donut every single time :)

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7/25/18 7:15 P

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Good going to avoid the treats.

What worked for me was reminding myself that the food that was brought in often (usually) wasn't all that good anyway.

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7/25/18 5:15 P

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Good for you!

I often avoid temptation by simply telling myself that food is not my food.
I did not bring it, it belongs to someone else.

That even worked for my kids' Halloween candy. I did not go get it; it does not belong to me.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
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7/25/18 4:44 P

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It seems that almost every day, somebody brings junk to our break room for everybody to eat. Often, it's more than one choice. It's like they're thinking, "Oh, take it to work; they'll eat anything." Remember Mikie - the little kid on TV - "Give it to Mikie. He'll eat anything."

And they're usually right as it somehow always gets eaten.

Not by me. Not today! (1) No donut! (2) No candy! (3) No chips!

Me? I'm eating the fresh pineapple and the red grapes I packed up at home for snacks today, along with my healthy breakfast and lunch.

Anybody else have any suggestions for avoiding those break room treats? I have no choice but to go in the break room as my food is always in the fridge and I get my water there.

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