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7/27/18 1:35 P

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I am proud of you for persevering and having willingness to improve the quality of your health/life Rogers23.

Resolve to choose whole, unprocessed colorful food as the fuel it is. When you are getting the nutrients you need your apetite will move into balance. Healthy eating will be a reward with the wellness it will bring.
Every healthy choice you make is progress. Check out the articles under the LEARN tab as there is a weath of information to make this a happy and rewarding journey. emoticon

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7/25/18 7:20 P

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One thing I learned from my own experience and here on Spark is to start small. Think of one thing you can do tomorrow that will move you to a healthier lifestyle. It might be tracking your food, it might be swapping out the soda for water, it might be adding more fruit or veggies. There is a great small changes challenge here where you'll get daily tips.

When I finally "got it" and lost weight AND kept it off what dawned on me is that diets don't work. To that end, I made small sustainable changes and as those became habits, I added more.

You can do this! Lots of us have been able to do it. The community here is wonderful and supportive. I see you've joined a number of teams - get active there. Giving and getting support really helps.
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7/25/18 2:07 P

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You say 'church' so you may be interested in "Celebrate Recovery". Do a web search for it and they have a locator that will help you find a nearby group. If you need a personal motivator, you might also do a search for the effects of high blood pressure. That alone should give some incentive. Hope everything works out for you. Welcome back!


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7/25/18 1:26 P

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You are at a good place with sparkpeople. Lots of support and motivation. Baby steps, it is overwhelming to make a lot of changes at once. I am in my 50's and it has been a huge battle getting my weight down. I still need to lose weight, but I have kept 30 pounds off. At 1 point I was down 63, but regained some. I focus on health instead of weight loss. And even though my doctor wants my weight down. He acknowledges my health, with really healthy blood pressure and healthy blood levels and a great resting heart rate.

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7/25/18 12:34 P

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HI Everyone,

I am a 62 year old woman, and I really need some motivation! I need to get to my Dr's to renew my prescriptions. I have been putting it off, and cannot put it off any more. I have been putting off going because I am ashamed that I have not been able to lose weight..I have been involved with Sparkpeople in the past, and I am ready to give it a try again. I have a wonderful life with great family, friends, volunteer jobs, Church, travel, etc, but I have not been able to get a handle on my weight. I am very blessed that I have not had a heart attack, stroke, or any orher medical conditions except for high blood pressure and couple of other conditions that would greatly benefit with my losing weight, but I know if I keep gaining weight, these conditions ane bound to crop up. Every time I try to lose weight, it is fine for a couple of days and then I get really nervous and hungry. I have tried and failed so very many times...I really need motivation to try again! Thanks for any support you can give me!

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