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7/19/18 4:07 P

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Great advice!!!


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7/17/18 8:36 A

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Nirerin's advice is very good. Also, remember to drink lots of water. Don't try to go cold turkey and deny yourself. I don't like to waste calories on food that I don't enjoy so use the nutrition tracker and portion control of the foods that taste good.

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7/16/18 6:11 P

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You don't start where you want to end up, instead you start where you are and you make small sustainable changes. Through these gradual baby steps you find food that you like that meets your nutrient and calorie needs, so you are still enjoying the food that you are eating.
You also take other measurements to use for comparison. Waist, arms, hips, thighs, neck, etc and over time you will see those numbers go down. Since you are on the top floor have you ever timed how long it takes you to go up the stairs to your apartment? Note how you feel when you get there and how long it takes you to recover from it. Joining a gym is an option and if you don't have the money for that, what about your local mall? Many have Mall Walker clubs and some even have distanced noted within the mall. Make a list of some things that you want to be able to do at some point in the future or find some sort of a test online. For the online tests you can find the government special agent fitness requirements, army/navy/marine and many of the health and fitness magazines periodically run some as well. Pick any one of these you want and do it once as a pretest. If you can't complete whatever it is, do note how far you made it and the time it took you to get that far. Do keep in mind that many of these things have pushups listed, so do adjust based on your current medical needs. I talked a weightloss friend into doing her first 5k together, and it took us almost an hour to finish. Fast forward a few walking and running programs, a few years and almost a hundred pounds and that 5 k time has been more than cut in half to about 25 minutes. You won't see massive progress in a day, a week, or even a month, but keep putting in the effort and over the months and the years you will get where you need to be.

Since there isn't any short term change that you can make that's going to fix everything when you decide you want to fix everything, there isn't any reason to suffer in your choices for the short term. Your weight is the average of what you have been doing for the past months and years, and even if you ate nothing for two or three weeks, that simply isn't enough to balance out what you have been doing for the previous fifty something weeks. Drastic changes you can't keep up aren't worth making and you don't lose any more weight by making it harder for yourself. So make some easy changes to what you default back to, and slowly keep adjusting as you find new things that you like.

Your ticker shows that you have 150 lbs to lose, which means that you at least weight 250 lbs. At that weight, 1 lb per week is a fairly low goal and 2-2.5 lbs should be within reach, though some people might have some medical or health issues that keeps them a little closer to that 1 lb number. But you are of a weight where you probably won't have to wait the two months to see some significant results. Again, don't just use your scale, but the measuring tape as well. Also remember the difference in seeing people daily versus monthly versus yearly. Day to day you will not see much change in anyone because the changes are happening so gradually that you do not notice them. But think of a four year old that you only see at the fourth of July, Christmas and Easter. You are going to see leaps and bounds in growth in that child because you are not seeing them everyday. That child's 30 year old parent you will likely not see as much change in, during those same absences. Which is why you use multiple methods of measurement, not just the scale and not just the tape. Being able to walk up stairs faster and without needing to catch your breath after is a big difference.

-google first. ask questions later.

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7/15/18 11:57 P

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"It takes 2-4 months to really see a change in your body through weight loss"

The first month alone is so difficult, by month 2 you're looking at all of the food you used to eat and start missing it, or are tempted already to indulge - or will be by month 3 and sometimes taking a bite of the things you missed get you to want more and more and you quit...or at least that has been me...

How in the world can you manage 3-4 months without falling back into old ways? I do not see change in my body that is drastic (where the body finally shifts and settles from the weight that was lost to represent/show it physically) for at least half a year (6 months) and it is so depressing... it makes you depressed, wanting to give up...

It's even harder now because I had carpal tunnel surgery 6/29 and another on my other hand 7/20... I can't do much...and I'm out of work and it's too hot to go outside (90F and higher) and for an obese person I might as well be roasting, locked in a sauna on it's hottest setting. It is better to stay inside..

I'm trying to exercise but our A/c is struggling to keep the apartment cool (top floor). I do spurts. My daily goal is 50 squats and then adding whatever other exercises I can manage. I'm working on 1 hour every or every other day to gradually increase my endurance......but HOW do you stick to healthy eating and exercise for so long when you visibly see no difference? ugh... could use some encouragement and understanding, even advice.

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