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6/30/18 12:42 A

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Hi Slimmerkiwi and Nirerin.

Thanks so much for responding.

Spark People calculated the Nov. 23 deadline for me – I feel I need it to help me have a sense of urgency and take the weight loss journey more seriously. Nothing terrible will happen if I don’t meet it – I never, ever give up. It is just incentive to step up my game.
I will check out the resources on this website including “Learn” and nutrition articles. I think that checking in daily and becoming part of the community will be a great tool to getting me back on track. Thanks warmly for the input and your time!

You said: “the less weight you have to lose the slower your loss will be.”
I didn’t know this. Thank you for informing me!
It looks like the Nov. 23 goal might not happen, as I am losing less than 2 pounds a week, but at least it has been consistent the last few weeks (it has been up and down and up and down for the longest time!)
I will see where I can tweak my diet. I tried to go on low-carb veg but oddly, that ended up being super expensive and unsustainable. I suspect it is because of all the food it takes to dress up the vegetable dishes and make them interesting: cheeses, spices, herbs and expensive items like almond flour (because it is low-carb). I loved eating (mostly) vegetarian, but now I am back to eating more meat because of the cost of vegetarian dishes. I don’t like this mostly because I am worried about the amount of hormones present in meat.

I will start tweaking my diet as much as I can. I suspect the main problem is that I eat a bit too many sweets on my two allowed desserts a week. I am watching the calories too.

I will read your advice (and slimmerkiwi’s advice) regularly to keep me grounded. Thank you warmly for your time and insight.

- Elizabeth

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6/29/18 8:33 P

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Maintaining for a while is great practice and an okay thing to do every now and then. 40 lbs in 20 weeks is likely going to be too aggressive of a goal if that's all you have to lose. If you had 140 lbs to lose, 2 lbs per week would be pretty doable, but the less weight you have to lose the slower your loss will be. My advice would be to start with a smaller goal, day 10 lbs by about Labor Day. That gives you about ten weeks to see what changes you can make. You might hit your goal early, it might take a little more time to figure out what tweaks you can make that work for you. Use those first ten pounds as a guide to set your next ten pound loss goal, knowing that each ten pounds is going to come off a little more slowly than the last.
When you are making a lot of poor choices, it's easy to change a small thing here or there and see some quick progress. As you get closer to where you want to be, there aren't quick and easy fixes that drop weight, which means you have make harder choices that don't show as great of results as fast. You're likely at least 80% of where you want to be, so you have to search out what in that last 20 % you can and want to change.

Yes, you should be patient, but you should also keep working at it while you are being patient. You stepped back a little too far the last time. You don't have to step all the way to super aggressive, as there is plenty of room between these two extremes for you.

-google first. ask questions later.

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6/29/18 3:53 A

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Hi Elizabeth - welcome to SP.

Why do you HAVE to have lost weight by 23rd November? What happens if you haven't lost that weight? A lot of people find that if they given themselves a date to have lost by, even if they get to their goal, they tend to regain the weight, or at least a large portion.

When I started this journey I refused to set a time-frame. I just told myself I would be happy to 'just lose some weight' and when the weight did start to come off that in itself motivated me more. I ended up losing a fair bit of weight. It took 16 months to lose the first 50lb, and I happily sat there for over a year, enjoying my new clothes, before I decided to resume my weight-loss efforts. I have been maintaining now for a few years. I still weigh all of my food for increased accuracy and enter everything, warts and all, into the Nutrition Tracker to ensure that I stay around my goal weight.

I am a firm believer in the adage: "Patience is a virtue!"

If you just make some tweaks to your diet, changing only one or two things to start with, and letting your mind and body get used to those changes before adding something else to the mix, you might just find that you reach your BODY's goal weight (sometimes we set an unrealistic goal) without much apparent effort.

Some people don't like counting calories ... I LOVE to count them, including weighing all of my food for increased accuracy. Are you able to weigh your food and enter everything into the Nutrition Tracker for a couple weeks at least? Then you will have a better idea of where/how to tweak by seeing where you are over SP's various nutrient/calorie goals. Other than that, use the plate method. That means dividing your plate so that 1/4 is lean protein; 1/4 quality carbs (i.e. brown rice, potato, wholegrain pasta); and the rest a rainbow of colour of veges. Sometimes downsizing the plate can help, too. Take a look at your snacks and see where you can improve on your choices.

As far as motivation is concerned, you need to find what motivates you because we all have different motivators. There are, however, some wonderful articles on Motivation in the Toolbar above in the drop-down menu under "LEARN". You might find something that resonates there.

The Nutrition articles are also a great read.

Good luck,

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6/28/18 11:00 P

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Hi everyone. I'm new here. I introduced myself in the "introduce yourself" forum. I joined Spark People because I sorely need to be motivated to lose more weight. I have got the weight- maintaining part down...I have maintained my approximately (it goes up and down slightly) 20-pound weight loss for 6 months.
The problem is that I lost my was full-speed when I first started losing, but then it dropped off. I have about 40 more pounds to lose before I am happy.
I don't count calories (this confuses me) - I am on a low-carb diet (plus few sweets and very rarely processed food) which has worked. I think what slowed me down was that last year, I told a neighbor how much I wanted to lose, and I complained that it wasn't going as fast as I wanted to, and I told him how much I wanted to lose, and he said, "Be patient. It'll take about a year." So I just decided "la dee da,..let's not rush it, it'll take how long it takes..." Bad approach!
Well, a year and a half has come and gone, and I am still at 20 pounds lost.
I am much more active than I used to be - swimming regularly, Zumba classes, yoga, and Saturday night I am starting swing dancing lessons. But through personal experience and from what I have read, I find that losing weight is about 80% watching your diet and 20% exercise. I like to exercise because I do what I enjoy and I like feeling strong and having a strong cardiovascular system.
Through Spark People, I have a deadline of Nov. 23rd to lose the weight, which is now adding a sense of urgency, but maybe not enough. I have a pic of myself when I was 21 and much thinner, and I looked much better (I was cute).
I am doing this for my health, but also to look better. I am actually much more attractive than I used to think I was.
Other than those approaches to help me re-motivate myself, I allow myself sweets twice a week - once on Tuesday (I weigh myself in the morning Tuesdays) and once on Friday or Saturday. Occasionally, like when I am going out to dinner with friends, I allow myself a carby-meal.
I used to not care how much I ate or what I looked like for much of my adult life because I thought I was ugly anyway...but ever since last February, when my doctor friend came to visit and said she was worried about me, I changed my approach to food. I was never an emotional eater - I just liked food and wasn't disciplined with what and how much I ate.
I would very much appreciate it if someone had some advice to help me re-gain my motivation. The Nov. 23 deadline helps.
I am sorry this is so long!
Thanks for your time.

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