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NIRERIN Posts: 14,534
6/24/18 3:41 P

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Diet simply means what one eats. You have a diet whether or not you are altering your eating patterns.

At crucial decision making moments, try to change your phrasing to choosing. I am choosing to eat food that isn't contributing anything to my goals. I am choosing to skip exercise today. I am choosing to give up before I even try to exercise. I say this because you can choose go for a walk around the block or you can choose to put your laundry away one piece at a time, a workout does not have to PX90 or seal training or something. A workout doesn't have to be ninety minutes a day, you can start at five minutes if that is where you need to start. I could never do a Couch to 5k plan, but I did do Jeff Galloway's training plan for my first half marathon (RunDisney, which is available online, only three days a week needed).

I will also take a moment to note a few things. The first is if your pain is coming from actual medical issues, consult your physician about what you should be doing, what you should be avoiding and if there is anything that you can do to strengthen yourself so that you can work around where you need to. If your pain is coming from being overweight, then losing weight is going to help you out. Losing weight should be about 80% diet and up to 20% exercise as exercise isn't going to gloss over a multitude of dietary issues. So there isn't any sense is suddenly trying to become a gym rat. Figure out more active things that you like, or at least don't mind, doing. Finally, if you have such a psychological aversion, speak to a licensed mental health professional to help you work through this. If you have a wedding dress that needs taken in or out, you take it to a seamstress. If you shoes need resoled you take them to a cobbler. Licensed mental health professionals help people navigate the waters that they are finding a little too muddy to navigate.

I'd also highly recommend "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. It's about how you choose to set up your life and why it's so hard to change everything all at once as most people try and do.

-google first. ask questions later.

BANDY789 Posts: 41
6/24/18 12:09 P

My SparkPage
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how to maintain my motivation has always been difficult for me, in fact I am struggling right now, my desires to continue are waning, slowly, surely . Soon I will be at a dead stop if I am not careful.
After reading the incredibly informative article Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation I learnt that I am either a victim or a victor at any given time of the day, especially those times when I am debating, time to exercise , ahhh, or what should I eat, mmm…..
How do I see myself at those crucial decision making moments? Sadly I must admit I have been a victim, feeling helpless, giving into my immediate urges and impulses, this is going to taste so good . I am so bad at dieting I need to feel good. It happens so quickly before I know it I am forking down food that I know I will regret. When it is time to exercise I tell myself this is going to hurt, to increase my pain level, I have endured so much pain, I don’t want to inflict any more pain on myself. I don’t deserve any of this. Not really into exercising today……..
I did realize I was thinking those thoughts but did not realize how powerful they were, victim thoughts stop me from making positive conscious decisions.
My new catch phrase is “Am I being a Victim or a Victor right now” I am going to become more aware of what I am telling myself when it come times to make decisions. I want to shed the Victim role and become a victorious Victor.
Thank you Spark people for this wonderful site.
The best to my fellow sparkers, may we all be Victors when it counts the most.

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