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6/17/18 4:26 P

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I have this problem too. Good luck!

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6/10/18 5:37 A

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Has your Counselor given you any motivational tips?

You could check out the Motivational Tips on SP. In the drop-down menu of the "LEARN" section in the toolbar above is "Motivation" Click on that and explore the many various tips there. I am sure that there will be some that will resonate with you.

As someone who has suffered extreme depression and anxiety, I know that sometimes it is easier said that done. Just start off with baby steps. Where it comes to exercise, it might even be just putting your laundry away one at a time. This doesn't seem like work, but it doesn't seem like exercise. When I first started, with the exercise, well before joining SP I started counting my steps .... like PHYSICALLY counting them. I worked out how many steps I took in a minute and then counted the minutes on my walk, to see how many steps I had taken. I have an obsessive personality trait (NOT OCD) so found this very easy and it took my mind off negative things. In time I could afford to purchase a Pedometer, and it turned out I was fairly accurate in my counting LOL! Next step was to gradually outdo the day before. I was competing with the pedometer. I also noticed that this helped to improve my depression, altho' I was already on medication for it, and still am, altho' a reduced dose.

Getting a good night's sleep also helps to motivate us. If you wake tired you are going to be less inclined to want to get out of bed and do what needs to be done.

Good luck, and take care,

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6/8/18 7:14 P

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Start by having more than one plan to work with. So you might have good day, bad day and in between day. Set up certain expectations of yourself, for example on a bad day you might need to get out of bed, shower and eat two servings of produce. Good days might mean getting in a thirty minute workout and getting at least five servings of produce. Whatever is reasonable for where you are.

Look into other resources. flylady.nethas some great babysteps, teaches you to work up to a routine and sends you on regular missions to work other stuff in. Habitica is a great app where you can join quests and connect with other people while marking off your to do list. This app has done wonders for my laundry pile. Bullet journaling might be what suits you best or even using a chore chart to organize and mark off items. The idea is to set small, manageable goals and work on becoming consistent. If you notice you are not making it, the idea is that it is somewhat easier to talk yourself into managing to do that one little thing at least once this week. And once you have done it the first time it makes it easier to build up from there.

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6/8/18 8:06 A

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are there any external motivations that might work for you? or an event that might motivate you in the short term? for example, is there a church function coming up that maybe having more stamina/increased endurance might help you be more effective? sometimes i use external motivators when internal ones aren't enough for me. maybe check out some of the articles on here in the motivation section and see if anything strikes a chord! i wish you the best of luck- please feel free to message me anytime!

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6/7/18 2:13 A

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I have severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I'm on medication and seeing a counselor regularly, work a full-time job, volunteer at church, etc, but I still have no motivation when it comes to getting myself in shape. How do you find the motivation to eat right and exercise when it's all you can do to motivate yourself to get out of bed?

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