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5/16/18 2:53 P

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I don't know what's causing the pain you are experiencing, because you didn't say. But if it's from exercise, you may need to take a rest for a bit. You're not supposed to wake up feeling like that. That's a bad sign, actually. You may need to speak with your doctor to talk about methods of pain relief and for reasons why you are in this much pain. One thing that is usually safe to try is topical pain medicine, like Ben Gay, or Tiger's Balm. Some people like to use a heating pad. I have to periodically stop exercising and take a break because I'll have overuse injuries. Like my hip is really sensitive to that. Exercising when you have an overuse injury, which feels like a sprain, can cause worse problems. It can make you more swollen, and more uncomfortable. My doctor has recommended I take ibuprofen for pain, because nothing else works for me. But maybe you can take Tylenol. I'm allergic, so I can't. If you can use pain medicine, you may need to be taking it in regular doses for at least two or three days before you notice an effect. I have to take more than the recommended dosage to feel an effect. Unfortunately, it takes me three pills each time. I hope to reduce that amount when I am more slender and don't need as much. I don't need to take it all the time, but more often than a lot of other people as I have frequent migraine headaches and the pain in my hip comes and goes. And I also use it for period pain. You may like applying ice, instead of heat to your painful areas. Sometimes that can help.

Yes, losing weight can definitely help you feel better. Taking weight off of your joints and your frame will really help you, since you're not carrying such a heavy load. I know that my hip practically stopped hurting after I lost fifteen pounds. But I walked too much last week, and now it really hurts right now. I'm taking an exercise break for it to heal. It still hurts after a week, so it may be a two-week break. I'll have to see how it goes.

Take care! I hope that you will be able to have some pain-free days soon. emoticon

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5/14/18 9:17 P

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My weightloss DID help reduce pain. But the main factor with reducing the pain (Hip and Spine re arthritis and scoliosis) was actually being taught the good exercises for both conditions and being steered away from ones that were not good for those conditions. Some exercises good for one condition could be problematic for the other so it is good to have qualified people (in my case a Physiotherapist) helping you with the problem.

Also, the exercise factor needs to be done gradually. In my case I was started off at 5 minutes, 3x daily and gradually built on that, then when I was improved a enough, I was sent to a Mat Pilates class, taken by a qualified Physiotherapist, also. The Pilates strengthens the core muscles which in turn helps with reducing/stopping the pain .... a lot of which is caused by the muscles rather than the disease.


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5/14/18 7:15 P

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Like URBANREDNEK, my experience is that weight loss did not lessen the pain, but a healthier lifestyle made things tolerable.
Good luck to you!

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5/14/18 6:40 P

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Yup - pain sucks - there is no doubt about it.

I hope that weight loss is the "magic pill" for you to get rid of the pain, but even if it doesn't totally do that, eating more healthfully and building up muscle strength and cardio endurance and functional fitness will all work together to gradually help you feel better overall, and more able to deal with what pain is left.

For my arthritis and nerve damage (thanks to chemo), weight loss of 100 lbs did not greatly diminish the pain. Learning to live an overall healthier lifestyle, however, did teach me that if I work past the first intense pain and stiffness, then most often I can get it down to a background level and get out and enjoy my life!

I now get a lot of joy out of preparing and cooking delicious and nutritious foods (and in making up recipes as I go). I love getting out for long walks on the river trails most weekdays, and seeing what wildlife and birds are around and what they're doing (even those days when I have tears rolling down my face for the first 15 minutes of that walk, because I know that I'll feel better if I just get past it). On weekends, we get to wander the high country - no trails, no people, just wilderness and us --- or we get to work the local fields and pastures, doing needful things for our farmer friends --- and I can't even begin to tell you just how much joy it brings me that I GET to do these things.

Before I started learning how to eat more healthfully, and how to best train my muscles and joints, and how to best build and maintain functional fitness - well, I didn't believe that I COULD ever get out and work the fields or hike the woods again. Now I know that the pain sucks, yes - but it doesn't need to stop me, and there are ways to build up your body and mind to better deal with the pain and live a much happier life.

Hoping you get as much joy out of your healthier lifestyle as I have!

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5/14/18 3:23 P

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Hi to all,

I felt Rubbish when I woke this morning my back was agony my r hip was killing n stiff n painfully.
I Cannot wait to fast forward this weightloss as I am in so much pain n stiffness it's not nice @t all. emoticon

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