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4/28/18 7:46 P

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If it is just too hard to GO, why not STAY? I first got started exercising by doing Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds videos. I know they will be well below the level you are used to, but it would be something to do at home. Consider walking in your neighborhood. Maybe go back to something you really enjoyed as a child; when I bought a bike I felt like a kid. Maybe you want a few weights or bands or mini-trampoline or weighted hula hoop at home. Would a personal trainer at your home be more do-able than one at the gym?

Hope that is helpful, but if not, just discard that advice. I suspect my best advice to you is don't give up. Keep on trying until something clicks. Best wishes for finding just what you need! -Marsha

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4/28/18 7:34 P

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The immediate thought that comes to my mind while reading your post is that you are possibly suffering from depression/grieving (health, loss of job.) I suggest that you have a talk with your Dr, mentioning exactly what you have here, and asking for a referral to a Therapist. I am sure that you would find it extremely beneficial in that you will be able to get your mojo back and your enjoyment of life.

Good luck,

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4/28/18 11:39 A

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Do something else. Instead of arranging everything yourself, try something new where you can join a fun or beginner group. Local running stores or pubs might have a meet up that you could go to, you could try kickball or some other city government or league led activity. Try a yoga class or pilates or biking or some other specialty thing that you haven't done before. Don't plan it yourself, search it out and plan to try it with a friend if you can.

-google first. ask questions later.

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4/27/18 10:53 P

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Just do it. Post it so I can say “yay” for you!

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4/27/18 11:15 A

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Here is the thing for most of my life I have either taken part in some form of fitness training or I have run fitness courses, I started to suffer with exercise related asthma so I am always conscious(even before i was diagnosed) of asking anyone if they suffer from any medical condition, I used to organise and run assault course training.

I for one am the biggest advocate of some form of fitness training, that can be at home, outside, the gym, swimming is great for anyone with chest problems, plus the steam room, it can be either cardio or non-cardio, just 10 min or more or less just get that heart rate beating a little bit faster than when at rest.

I have all the knowledge of the body and how to train anyone to the best of their abilities, i used to do sports massage then turned to aromatherapy massage, the powers of using our senses like touch and smell are so good at giving us the feel good factors, using a defuser in the home with oils is so relaxing.

I have never not worked, but due to stress, IBS, and hypertension 1st stage, that in itself is weird? I have a resting heart rate of 40 yet a BP of 155/90! my age is 63 (64 in November) go figure I thought I was 62! lol I do not feel my age? so what is the problem??

I had to leave my last job I had been at for 20 years, since finishing in November 2017 I have not been to the gym!! I loved my workouts, swim and steam room, I just seem to be suffering with C.B.A (cannot be ars**) syndrome.

I have my sports bag packed, I have motivational poster on the kitchen doors, yet still I have the CBA!!
Now I for one no how easy it is to tell others what to do, when you are on the outside looking in it is so easy, even thought you can see it from the other persons view you can so easily try (the magic word "try", you can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be led (think about it lol)

I have always been motivated even living on my own for the last 6 years, so why now? I have played devils advocate, I have talked to myself till I am blue in the face! yet every day the same thing, ok I should be starting a new job soon, yes I have myself convinced I will put my sports bag in the car and go after work! theory and practical to different things.

Just as a side I like to play golf, and I know the weather has been bad in the UK I have been a few times but even that has been a struggle?

Reading this I can here you telling me what I should do, once again theory, what is the practical solution? I have put on weight and yep i hate it but still not enough to make me go?

At my wits end maybe but I just thought maybe it is time to share, but please if all you want to do is give me theory, with the greatness respect please do not, I have that in buckets ands still to no avail!


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