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You had your wake-up call and are now on an important journey. It is time to reflect and be honest about where you currently stand and the path you want to take. Do not look back on your past with any regrets or self-bashing. You are a work of wonder and well worth the time and resources, you are going to spend for self-improvement. Personal growth (not goals that are both self criticism and self limiting) should be your priority each day. List your strengths and weaknesses for the journey you are to take (we all have our own strengths and personalities). Draw on your strengths and nurture them as a gardener nurtures his garden. Cherish your strengths. They will allow you to overcome your fear of reaching out to others and better allow you to embark in your journey one step at a time and grow in strength (1). Each night, or as convenient, decide what the priorities for the next day will be and decide how you will address the obstacles that can impede your progress. Envision your success and know that you can overcome all obstacles. You can even set up your environment, lay out your clothes etc. before you go to bed, putting away that which can get in the way. I recommend keeping a journal, a mind dump of your thoughts, so you can get a restful sleep and you can wake up fresh to embark further in your journey.

Why should you follow my advice? I am about to reach my 72nd birthday and have read many books and visited blogs of many successful Spark members and gotten help and motivation from others. My journey in Sparkpeople began May 2013 and I have been in maintenance since February 2017. I am inspired by Joyce Meyer to honor my God (or the universe if you don't believe in God) by doing good works (contributing more to society than what is received). I have created a team where we can help each other succeed regardless of our age, sex, creed, or politics. Good health does not discriminate. My continued effort in Sparkpeople is a Thank-You to myself and society--particularly Sparkpeople and the wonderful Spark Members, for my own health. emoticon emoticon

I succeeded in my quest to live a joyous life by committing to growth and not allowing hate, pain, envy, fear, doubt or sorrow to rule my day. Whether, you are 30 or 300 pounds overweight, you can regain your health regardless of setbacks by also not allowing external influences lead you astray, and committing to a life of purpose (e.g. to gain better health and to share your journey). The knowledge and motivation gained by sharing your journey with others will give one the power to also achieve success and live an inspirational life (2). By this power, whatever one can envision and hold in their mind, one can achieve. Christians can find this power in the Holy Spirit; others can obtain this strength by drawing on the wisdom of the universe.

I wish all a successful journey via SparkPeople. emoticon emoticon

1. Although one highly motivated can make quick progress, it is more important to obtain good habits that will last a lifetime by creating a well thought out lifestyle habits one step at a time as by reducing sugary foods, decreasing the size of portions, or exercising for 10 minutes a day at first then increasing the quality of your nutrition, or time of exercising on specific days, once the initial habits are formed.
2. Sharing your journey with others not only helps them, it forces you to reflect on your life and in return grow in knowledge as you write out your thoughts and study them, and as you receive a response.

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I'm Mr. Owl. I am retired and live in Virginia, USA (EDT) with my wife. I a team leader of a remarkable team.

Our goal is to help all members obtain enthusiasm and share our joy, for we are alive and can have great potential for success by using our inner powers. The joy is in the shared journey of life whether it be ordinary or extraordinary.

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