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2/13/18 8:48 P

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I'll just share what is working for me. First.. i'm on a plan that has ended my cravings. i think that's the secret. Find what will do that for you. i don't eat sugar, or artificial sweeteners and sodium. all those things stimulate appetite.

i don't agree with the idea of eating a snickers bar if it fits into your calories, or a bag of salty potato chips, or a scoop of ice cream. 'all that does is keep you craving foods that will eventually derail you. When you stop cravings .. you'll be able to stick to a healthy eating plan and you will start losing weight. and losing weight is what will keep you motivated. it does me. good luck.

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2/13/18 8:27 P

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I agree that baby steps are the way to go. You don't need motivation, you need to start where you are and make small, easy changes. Keep making small, easy changes and you will eventually end up where you want to be, just without all that on the wagon, off the wagon, and the guilt trips.

Do try to pinpoint the issues that you face. If you like sweets, find a way to make sweets work within your calorie limits. Having a giant slice of cake from Cheesecake Factory everyday probably isn't going to work, but you could have a few squares of chocolate, hot cocoa, chocolate dipped fruit, fudgecicles or chocolate covered raisins among other things. Note I did say or there. You can work in what you want the most, but you can't have everything you only kind of want that catches your attention. Pick the thing that you want the most and work it in. If you are an emotional eater then dealing with that is going to help everything else. If you aren't balancing your meals and your schedule throughout the day, everything becomes more tempting. Eating too few calories during the day can prime people to overeat at night. Having a planned snack before you leave from work might help you from inhaling anything nearby when you are cooking dinner after you get home. Again, find the issues that you are facing and find easy ways to work around them. Figure that it can take six weeks to change just one habit and this is a long process of baby steps. You're going to try things that don't work for you and it's going to take multiple tries to hit on what works best for you within your ranges.

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2/13/18 2:30 P

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For myself, it was really easy because my "goal" was to make my diet and my overall lifestyle more enjoyable, while being healthier. I don't get my knickers in a twist about what anyone else would think about it, so long as it makes me happy, and is "healthy enough for me" (and for my doc). So --- I create chocolate or pumpkin "cakes" for breakfasts, and I make my own delicious breads, and I get to eat all of the wonderful veggies and fruits that I love --- and I get to hike the back-country and nibble on muffins and nuts and fruits while I'm out there. Oh - and have some ice-cream just about every day (cuz it makes me happy - and happiness is part of mental wellness!).

I didn't try to do everything at once, and I very carefully made sure that I didn't drop calories below what maintenance would be for a healthy weight (which may or may not be part of the reason why my BMR is a couple of hundred calories ABOVE what Spark predicts for me --- a bit surprising for a 50+ year old post-menopausal woman).

So - instead of bouncing around with different "plans" that weren't made by you and for you, why not look at your own personal preferences and decide which small changes you would ENJOY making?

Think about whether you'd like to make your breakfast more satisfying by having more protein and maybe an extra fruit / vegetable, for instance. If that sounds good, then decide whether you like sweet or savoury. If sweet, then think about doing a plain omelet topped with some roasted butternut squash or pumpkin whipped in to some high-protein Greek yogurt, and then add some berries on top. Or make a breakfast "cake" with some extra protein or dry milk powder, and sweetened with roasted and pureed carrots and beets, and loaded with nuts and cranberries. For savoury, think about a hearty beef and veggie stew with a cornbread muffin on the side, or a breakfast burrito loaded up with eggs and meat and veggies.

Once you've got a few things that you love, and can see the great numbers on the nutrients in them, and are enjoying having them each day... THEN start thinking about what you want to ADD next!

It's not about deprivation. It's not about rules. It's not about plans. It IS about finding eating and fitness choices that make you happy - and that you keep with for life because you like them so much.

It IS all about YOU.

Have fun!

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2/13/18 12:25 P

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I've been struggling and been yoyoing with diet plans. I must have tried at least 5 different plans and cant keep to any of them. I have a trainer although I don't always go and the smallest stupidest things trigger me to crave sweets, muffins chocolate and all the wrong foods. I need some inspiration to get back on track, what helped you?

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