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2/17/18 5:19 P

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I second the ice tea suggestion. It will save you a fortune, too. You just make a pot of tea, pour it into a pitcher, and pop it in the refrigerator. Pennies instead of dollars. If you want it sweet, a little stevia does the trick. Add lemon or orange peel or mint or vanilla or . . . anything, really, if you like. When it gets really hot, put some of the ice tea into your ice trays so that you can put tea ice into your drinks to cool them but not water them down.

Small steps! You can do it!

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2/14/18 7:42 P

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I was once very addicted to Coke a Cola . It caused gravel in my urine and I took meds to get it out. Luckily it did not turn into stones. I had to stop buying it and bringing into the house. If I bought it I would drink it. I may not understand your situation, but can you avoid bringing it home? Replace a bad habit with a good one I was told. I needed a drink I could enjoy just as much. I decided on ice tea with stevia and a bit of lemon. Now I love that just as much. Good luck to you.

If Not Now, When!

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2/2/18 2:35 P

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That's a good start. My cheat to this, being someone who loves having soda and carbonation, is diet. I've been a big fan/supporter of it, despite some of the adverse health side effects. I think in moderation is a big help, and a plus over the immense amount of sugar/carbs.

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2/2/18 1:25 A

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The first thing I would do is to really be diligent about tracking for a week or so to see what you're actually putting in your body. Then you can figure out how to cut calories in a way that is sustainable. And as was already said, if you're trying to go from eating way over your range to eating at range, it might be easier to do in a few steps. The other thing I would focus on is eating nutrient dense food. You get a lot more filled up on 300 calories of protein and veggies than you do on 300 calories of Dr Pepper.

Good luck!

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2/1/18 7:49 P

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That is a lot of stuff to change all at once. If I were in your shoes I would cut yourself some slack and give yourself some time and space to adjust. Anything under 2 Liters of Dr Pepper a day is a win. If you were eating 3000 cals a day before and you're now trying to stay in the 1200-1500 cal range, you don't have to make the jump in one step. You might need a few weeks at 2500-2700 cals a day, then another few weeks at 2100-2400 and after that 1700-1900 for a few weeks. Changing anything is a difficult task and it can take up to six weeks to make a single change. One of the most important numbers to know is the number you maintain at. If your eating averages over this number you will gain. If your eating averages this number you will maintain. If your eating averages under that number you will lose. It's okay to eat at maintenance every now and again if it makes this easier. You don't get bonus points for making this painful. In fact, if you lose so fast that you don't create sustainable habits as you go then you are more likely to put the weight right back on when you go back to what you were doing before. Take the time you need to learn new habits, new recipes and build up all of your other habits around them so that doing it the new way is easy.

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2/1/18 2:43 P

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Maybe it would be easier to stay motivated if you focused on what you can ADD (vegetables, fruit, etc.) rather than what you are taking away?

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2/1/18 3:15 A

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Hi guys I've been back with sp since the new year and I've started working out again, tracking (not nearly enough though) I cut back from 3 liters of Dr pepper to one 20 oz soda a day (want to stop this) but at night is hard and I find it difficult to stay in my calorie range. I'm not giving up though I'm going to switch out to fat free milk and wheat bread next week and I'm taking it slow. I'm having a hard time starting motivated and just focusing hard on my goals but I am committed to keep trying til I get it every day is a new day and I can do this.

This is it, you only live once, you have to find a way to love yourself and be happy. Go after your dreams no matter how high. Dont give up and dont waste anymore time . Get out there and follow your heart.

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