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1/27/18 5:11 P

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I know that feeling! One thing that works for me is to exercise really early in the day. Once I've exercised, it gives me the strength to stick with healthy eating choices. I don't like exercising much, so I hate the thought of wasting/undoing all that effort.


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1/27/18 4:15 P

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Identify the excuses/reasons/issues and once you know what you are facing, you can find something that works around them. If you identify multiple issues, tackle each one before moving on to the next. If you eat out too much, either limit how often you eat out or focus on making better choices when you do eat out. If your time is too unstructured, structure your time so that you have less time to eat. Plan in some activities if you have so much free time. You can also keep a notebook or a list of things that you wish you had time for that you can add to when you are busy and you can draw from that list as you are needing things to do besides eating on the weekends.

Alternatively, plan to eat at a loss range during the week and at maintenance on the weekend. If you are set to lose a pound a week, that means losing 5/7 lb per week instead, but if it's an easy fix that works for you, do it. Slow and steady is one of the best ways of losing and learning what you need to maintain.

You don't need motivation on the weekends, what you need is a practical plan to keep you where you want to be.

-google first. ask questions later.

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1/27/18 3:33 P

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At weekends I find myself often ongoing all the hard work I've done all week. Any good advice for keeping motivated at weekends, any ideas welcome

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