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1/20/18 5:13 P

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Winter with so much less daylight can be very hard on you also. emoticon

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1/20/18 1:42 P

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Start with small steps. I often overdo it when I start up and it’s hard to stick with it. Trying to take it slower this time!

Healthy choices and actions have positive impacts, even if the scale doesn't move!

Next goal: -38-40 by 10/18

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1/20/18 1:24 P

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I put 70 pounds on in three years, and everything you're saying sounds SO familiar. I started up again about a year ago and I've taken off 40 of those pounds.

Who knows what it is that sparks us and gets us going? If we could bottle that up and sell it, we'd be bajillionaires. The good news is that you know what you have to do and you want to get doing it.

Here's a thread I started here with pep talks that may help you get going. You ARE an amazing person. You ARE worth the work and the effort. You ARE going to persist and get going. You're here, and that means you haven't given up. THAT'S THE FIRST STEP! Keep it up!

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1/20/18 1:00 P

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You can't push yourself to the edge without a break indefinitely. You have to rest, especially if your body isn't in top shape. Easing back when you need to means that you take less time off overall.

With sciatica can you be seated and do curls or lifts with your arms? What about raising your legs from a seated position? What about any of the desk workout videos on the internet, modified as needed? Can you slowly walk around the block or grocery store? Have a fallback, easy workout for flareups and fall back to it if you need to ease up.

What meal prep options can you outsource? Grocery stores have premade soups, salads, prewashed fruits and vegetables along with frozen. When you feel well,. can you make sure to batch cook so that you have frozen meals that are simply heat and eat? What about having a list of better frozen dinners from the grocery store for when you aren't going to cook. Are there delivery or restaurant options that are better options than what you are currently choosing?

You aren't going to suddenly do all of these, all the time, but pick one or two things to accomplish today and follow through. Plan out one or two things for tomorrow and follow through. Then pick two things for the next day. You have to get in a toehold somewhere, no matter how small it is.

-google first. ask questions later.

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1/19/18 9:31 P

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Choose to find joy and gratitude for what is working in your life, it is always a lift!!

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1/19/18 8:50 A

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I do not feel well physically and emotionally. I have not been feeling well all year. I have pushed myself to the max and now my body is telling me so.

I am in pain and right now my motivation level is zero. I do not exercise because my sciatica problem has resurfaced. I do not feel like preparing meals. I am eating all the wrong things. I have to get out of this place. This is not good for me. I have to do something that will bring me back to the place where I once was.

I do not like feeling this way. When I start feeling this way, nothing seems to matter. I've GOT to get out of this rut.

This is not me. I am better than this. I've got to find me again...the REAL me.

I will try today to get back on the road to recovery. With this mindset that I have right now, I am not doing anything to help myself. But today, I will begin with saying to myself that it will get better. I will say positive things that can help my mental state to perk up.

I do not know what happened to put me in such a dark place. I am there and I have to get out. I am ready to see the sunshine now in my life. I just have to make and take a step at a time.

Diane from Eastern NC
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