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1/2/18 10:55 P

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Nice post Danileannc,
Each day is a chance for a fresh start with opportunity to make healthy choices.

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1/2/18 9:34 P

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I've been here and back multiple times and I know how frustrating it can be. One tip I can absolutely give is not to compare yourself to where you use to be. Trust that you can crush your goals like you did before but never look at yourself as "lost progress" we're always in progress as humans, time spent on bettering yourself or focusing on other things is never a loss. I believe that it's important to recognize that you arent' where you use to be, but you are fully capable of getting through this journey again. I think anyone who has lost weight has struggled with gaining some back here and there. I lost 35-40 pounds a few years ago and have been gaining / losing off and on since then. One thing that keeps me going is knowing what I'm capable of because I HAVE done it but also knowing that my journey is going to be different every time. Don't expect the same results, timeframe and challenges as before. It's a new beginning, a chance to start a new journey and one that you are one hundred and ten percent capable of achieving!

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1/1/18 4:29 P

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I think one of the single most important things that you can do in this kind of instance is to evaluate what went wrong. The idea isn't to beat yourself up over the past, but rather to learn from it. Kind of like if you came back from a camping trip and decided that you should have a flashlight and waterproof matches for the next time you go camping. If you tried something and it didn't work you need to figure out what didn't work so that your next trial is going to be better aimed at your particular hurdles.

From your post it seems like you need to have a better stress management plan in place. Make a list of friends you can call, perhaps meeting for a beverage and a walk around the park. Also consider if you can find (or create) a group that meets up to walk on a regular schedule. In my area there are at least groups from two different running stores, a bar, Team RWB (you don't have to be a vet), and several walking and running groups that have regular social walks and runs. You could also do this with crafting, a book club or any sort of hobby group. Look towards things like meditation, journaling, or bubble baths as alternative stress management options. Instead of heading for the kitchen when things get rough, consider heading to a conducive area where you can brainstorm solutions to what is causing you stress in the first place. Build yourself a list of options before you get in the moment and then you just have to choose one once you get there. Keep the lists of the fridge if that works for you. Have a support network that you rely on before you try to build an edible one.

On the same note of preparedness have some sort of fallback plans for food and exercise. You might plan to walk with a friend, but the friend bails and the weather is awful. It might mean your skip your original workout, but perhaps there is a video (Spark, Walk Away the Pounds) that you can use instead. You could also walk in place while you watch a favorite tv program (either during the show or the commercials, whatever works best for your fitness level). Have a paper with a five to ten minute circuit of bodyweight exercises that you can do two sets of ten reps of. Find a few decent, shelf stable snack or meal options that you can always have on hand. Stocking the freezer with either batch cooked meals or just plain frozen fruits and vegetables is another easy back up plan. Again, write down the quick and easy options and keep them taped to the fridge so that you don't have to think about it in the moment, just pick from the options that you have already worked out.

When things get overwhelming, I try and make myself spend fifteen minutes a day on it. Break up the task into small bits and then take a bit each day. In the short term it doesn't feel like you accomplish much, but it keeps that little bit of time carved out for what you want to be doing with it. Spending 5-15 minutes on a desk workout isn't going to magically torch calories, but you'll feel a little better after for at least having done something and you start to build a streak of little successes. Once you have that bit carved out, it is easier to increase the intensity or the time to make a bigger impact. But when time and life and everything get in the way, you revert to the fallback point, not skip everything entirely. That doesn't mean that you can't take a day off every now and then, but you have to be on, at least a little, if you want to make a long term change.

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1/1/18 3:20 P

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I tried to make clickable link for Gramcracker's recommended article but the article is apparently no longer available. My apologies.

Many of us have experienced set backs. I have regained 40 of the 80 pounds I lost back in 2008 and 2009. I have tried to get back on track and seem to just lose and regain the same 5 to 10 pounds with no medical reason for my inability to lose. I guess I don't have a great answer for you but know you aren't alone.

I guess Sparkpeople has been the most consistent thing for me these past 9 years. There are a lot of great people here and tons of great information.

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12/31/17 4:08 P

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This is a great article and helps me out from time to time. Good luck, you can do this.

Maybe that link won't work, but just google 23 ways to get back on track.

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12/31/17 2:50 P

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I never quite reached by ultimate goal, but for many years I exercised regularly and even was somewhat disciplined with my eating. Over the past year, I let stress get the best of me and I just started eating more. I kept exercising but not as much. So, of course I gained weight. I am bummed but I can't change the past. I do need to work at removing stress from my life, but that isn't a quick fix either (just like losing weight). Has anyone had a set-back like this? What helped you get back on track? Thank you!

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