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12/15/17 7:37 P

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A supplement certainly won't give you motivation.

It sounds like you need to work out how to get the most in your day with less time.

I found many years ago that if I vacuumed a house, stripped and made all the beds, washed/dried the dishes and did ironing, if I did it in a certain order I could get through it a lot quicker than doing it another way.

There are some things that you HAVE to do, but I am sure that there are some things that YOU do that your children can do! They can clean up after themselves in the bathroom. My children had to wipe down the shower/bath right after they had used it. It meant a lot less cleaning for me (not that I did lots) because it is far easier to clean when it is damp. I had baskets that I used to put their folded laundry into. Each person put their own laundry away. They usually did the dishes, even from a fairly young age. I taught them how to make their bed properly using 'hospital corners' when they were about 5. They used to make their own beds except I did when it was laundry change, until they were about 8-9 then they did that too. They sometimes helped with vacuuming. I was working at the time, and long hours.

Even a 3-4 yr old can set the table.

These are all things that can give YOU a bit more time in the day to do things that you need/want to do, including giving you 'time out'

Try bulk cooking healthy meals and freezing to help you with your busy days. That will help to give you time for your exercise.

When you are at work, go for a wee bit of a walk in your breaks. 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there helps a lot. You can do other types of exercise too while you are at work. If you are sitting down, try walking on the spot while seated. Go to the loo a bit more often even if you don't need to.

Just start with baby steps. From this you will see many positives in your life, including motivation. Ensure that you ARE eating a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet with plenty of fruit/veges as well as lean protein, healthy fats, and quality carbs, and do NOT under-eat. They are what help to give the energy.


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12/14/17 4:55 P

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Hello Angel.

It motivates me to actually get out the door for a walk with our dogs to drink a glass of water and take a slice of crystalized ginger to savor on the first part of the trek. Maybe a small square of chocolate is a good pre-reward to get you going.

Once you start and it becomes part of your day you will have the motivation of knowing how rewarded you feel after you take action. Just do it!

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12/13/17 8:08 P

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Not sure what kind of workout you are trying to do, but perhaps try eating a bigger afternoon snack and a lighter dinner. There are precious few people who can eat a plate of pasta with a salad or a burger and vegetables who then want to go on a 5 mile run. Lighter, more easily digestible meals closer to your desired workout time could help some.

I'm not sure if you have had any bloodwork done recently, but I know that when I was low in D (and I live in Florida and am outside enough that I was quite surprised to find that I was low in D, but hey, I am very good with the sunscreen) that really added to my not enough juice at the end of the day problem. Supplementing to where I was supposed to be (per my doctor) didn't magically make me motivated and bouncing all over the place, but it did kinda feel like a heavy brick got taken off my load when I got to where I should have been in the first place. Having a lot on your plate at the same time as being not quite all right takes a lot out of you.

The other thing that has really helped me when I start getting overwhelmed is planning ahead and streamlining as much as I can. So every night I try set out three things that I know I have to get done the next day (and sometimes I rough out a few extra days or items that I know have a certain deadline). Yes, my to do list contains more than three things, but focusing on a small amount that I can hit easily makes it much easier to actually accomplish. If I wait until the day of I get bogged down in deciding which of the twenty things that I need to do and then I waste time be starting in eight different directions. Tomorrow, for example, I need to pick up my packet for a run this weekend, I need to prep peppers and do two loads of laundry. I'll get the packet on my way home and toss my first load of laundry in the minute I walk into my house. Odds are pretty good that I will have gotten all the relevant dirty items to the hampers when I was getting ready in the morning. Then I'll have thirty minutes to either chill or to knock out the peppers. Load one goes into the dryer, load two into the washer. Odds are I'll be feeling somewhat motivated and accomplished at that point and I'll take care of some emails and internet stuff that I have been putting off and I'll start dinner. Swap out the laundry, fold the dry stuff and eat dinner while the second load finishes. The put that away and I have me time. If I didn't pick those three things out the night before I would not have gathered the laundry in the morning so that it was ready to go when I got home. I would not have stopped for my packet on the way home, so I would lose the travel time as productive time. I would have remembered that I should have put the laundry in the washer before I ran my errand as I arrived at my destination. I would have gotten home and tried to figure out what the best use of my time would have been and spent at least thirty minutes trying to figure out what I could get done. A little bit of planning and setting easily obtainable goals goes a long way.
I am a pretty big fan of and The best thing I have taken from FlyLady is 15 minutes. If it is getting close to bed time and I haven't gotten anything done, I can do fifteen minutes and then get ready for bed. Fifteen minutes is just a small enough amount of time that I can talk myself into it. Once I get going, it can be easier to keep moving. And if it's not easier to keep moving then I at least got fifteen minutes in. A Habitica challenge is where I got the prioritize three things the night before. When you have too much to do you waste a lot of time and energy and don't really get anything fully done. When you know what few things you really need to get done you spend the first part of your day with those items simmering on the backburner where your brain spends some of the day sorting out how best to get them done so you aren't wasting all your energy jumping between things that you never quite start or finish.

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12/12/17 10:08 P

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Supplements don't help with motivation... that comes from within!

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
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12/12/17 9:58 P

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Probably not...!! I don't know what you are thinking of as a 'supplement' but anything sold in a bottle isn't going to make up for being plain old tired and at the end of your day.... Energy drinks and such are simply bad for you--period. And, in any case, consuming food isn't going to help with "motivation".

Instead, I'd suggest you make a point of eating a nourishing balanced dinner, and enjoy a cup of tea while you tuck the little ones into bed. Then look forward to some quality 'me time' for your workout.

I used to use the laundry cycle as my timer--LOL Start a load, exercise, do something else while they dry....

I know its really difficult to get a decent workout routine built up when you're a working parent. You didn't indicate if you have a partner who could step in 2 or 3 nights a week at least to give you workout time... or watch the home and kids in the morning while you do it. If your resources allow it and the kids are old enough, can you take the kids to a gym that offers an early evening Kid-friendly program while you do your workout? Or perhaps a night at the local indoor pool (water-walking is always good)? What about putting on a DVD and declaring the Living Room a Family Gym Night 3 x a week---kids included?!
all the best,

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
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12/12/17 7:47 P

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I am a working (full-time) mom and have been trying to workout on a regular basis. I usually do not find time to fit it in until the end of the day after my kids are in bed. Which makes me usually pretty tired when I need to get started. I have never tried a supplement, but would like some advise on if it would help with energy and modivation?

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