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ZRIE014 Posts: 129,549
12/22/17 5:26 P

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i'm motivated for better health and exercise my heart.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,432
12/21/17 7:07 P

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I think the hardest thing about motivation is that you have to accept that whatever you end up doing, on track or off track, is what you have chosen to do for that moment in time. It's not that a tv show distracts you from your evening walk, it's that you have chosen watching the program over going for you evening walk (and also just walking in place while you watch the tv program for that matter). It's not that you don't have time to do things, it's that you are prioritizing other things above what you theoretically want to do. Don't say that you don't have time for something, start saying that it's not a priority. But here is where you should be making note of what you are prioritizing. You have to be willing to change some of what you are doing and if you can't find a place to make a tweak, then you simply don't want the change more than you want to keep doing what you have been doing.

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COONSY's Photo COONSY Posts: 1,211
12/21/17 5:34 P

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There's a guy who's published some life and career advice that I follow. I love his "definition" of motivation:

(Loosely paraphrased) Motivation doesn't exist. What exists are priorities. You make the important-to-you things happen, and the others don't. If you're not doing something you "wish" you were doing, it's not a matter of motivation, it's a matter of priorities. Excuses are just that.

So true in every aspect of life. Own your choices, and if you choose one thing over another, own your reasons for doing so.

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NITEMAN3D's Photo NITEMAN3D Posts: 14,795
12/21/17 2:21 A

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I like the dictionary definition of motivation.... "the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way". The problem is that the reasons for doing good are often ignored because the reasons for doing the wrong things are stronger. It takes constant effort to do the right thing and usually is pretty easy to do the wrong one. That's why small achievable goals accomplished repeatedly over time become good habits. By building good habits we start to think the reasons for them are stronger than the reasons for breaking them. One thing is for sure. Staying motivated requires constant effort and is not easy. I like Zig Ziglar's quote..... "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily". Renew your motivation every day. Give yourself a reason to do the right thing every day. Good luck!


Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." - Mark Twain

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12/12/17 3:48 A

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Only self motivation , not bribery (incentives) gets people off the couch.
Very rarely can lifetime habits be drastically altered by an outside influence.

We all make choices and decisions that are against our own self interest, but we find ways to justify and excuse our behaviours.
Human nature usually wins.

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MSAWESOME1941's Photo MSAWESOME1941 Posts: 191
12/10/17 8:43 P

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Motivation is so hard to explain and it is like a motion and a feeling all together sort of a "task" I have trouble keeping on track there is so much distractions in all of my days my prayer is to stay focused

Ms. Dee

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