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12/6/17 2:11 P

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AllWEeverKnew, I love your advise emoticon

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12/6/17 1:49 P

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I hate to admit this, but I found getting up an hour earlier just to have me time is the best thing. After first it seems like a daunting task and one more sacrifice. However start by waking up 15 minutes earlier for one week, then 30 and so on. Youll find yourself going to bed earlier just so that you can wake up by yourself before anyone needs you. Good luck.

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12/5/17 11:41 P

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I have a special box of toys and little/simple crafts that only comes out when I need a 15-30 minute break. The box is filled with age appropriate items and the crafts are things the kids can do on their own once I get them set up. I am not away from the kids. They are sitting at the kitchen table while I am in either the kitchen or living room. They have free access to me if they need me. But I try to get them to solve the problem on their own first. During this time, I'm either exercising, reading my book, preparing a meal, get caught up on the news, etc. It's a great way to have a "break" from the kids and work through some of the stress you are feeling. It also teaches the kids independence and problem solving skills. (and I put the puppy in his crate with a Kong full of treats and peanut butter. Lol)

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12/4/17 6:44 P

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You can;t pour from an empty cup. You need to take care of you before you have nothing left to give to others.
Have your husband help with meals, with cleaning, with watching the little one, with taking care of the pets. You should not be doing that all alone!

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12/4/17 6:34 P

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First think...who do I want to be?
I need to get moving, NOW. Start with an hour walking or your fav routine...then do that every other'll get into the habit.

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12/4/17 3:16 P

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Hey all! Ideas needed! A little about myself - I'm married with a 5 y.o., 2 cats and a brand new puppy. They all count on me to keep things running smoothly. I work full time. My weight is at an all time high as is my stress level! Tell me what you do to try and fit in the necessary "me" time that so many of us sacrifice, find the motivation to get moving and make better choices.

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