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12/6/17 6:56 P

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I wish you every success.
Taking good care of yourself as you have planned is an excellent way to lift your outlook as well. My condolences on your parents' passing.

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12/1/17 7:32 P

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My condolences on losing both your parents in such a short time frame.... I was glad to read you are seeing a counselor to help deal with the grief---that is a huge step---and one of the best gifts you could give yourself.

Remember that you're never "starting over" on this Journey. You simply move forward again with the knowledge from what has worked in the past for you...and adding the lessons of what hasn't worked. Its all cumulative, and the trick is finding the lessons, repeating them (!), and not giving up. Pausing, as you had to do dealing with your situation is not a "finale"...merely an intermission. "To everything there is a Season".... take it one step at a time. All the best,

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11/23/17 8:13 A

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I think that focus on smaller things can build up over time. So at the end of every day, review the choices that you made. Pat yourself on the back for whatever small thing that you did today that was better than yesterday, even if it is just maintaining a small streak like having an extra serving of vegetables a day. As you review you day look to what small change that you could make tomorrow to maintain or better the choices that you are making.

For exercise, consider what you enjoy and what works for you. Signing up for a 5K sometime in the spring with a friend is a great way to add multiple layers of motivation. The first is paying for something and wanting to get value out of it. Two is that most 5Ks benefit some sort of charity, so you're giving back. You can also make an effort to find something that supports a cause close to your heart. If you train some with a friend it can be easier to show up because someone is expecting you to and you prop each other up. This obligation, if you will, makes it easier to schedule in other workouts by yourself because you want to be able to keep up with (or show up a little if you have a bit of a competitive bug) the friend you are meeting up with the rest of the time. Many 5Ks have shirts and medals for finishers and you'll also set a time you can try to beat at a later date.

I also think of the alternative. This may or may not work for you. But you have the option to stop the slide to the best of your ability or go back to being where you were. Has gaining 25 lbs helped you in any way? Will gaining another fifty pounds enhance your life in any way? Has gaining 25 lbs made your life more difficult? Don't focus on this as a way to beat yourself up, but rather as an evaluation of different paths. You can choose whatever path you want, but know that each path has its own issues. It's like walking out of your house and choosing the route that goes downhill first. The consequence to choosing that path is that the end is going to be uphill. If you go the other way, the uphill part is first, but then the final stretch home is downhill. Whatever option you choose is going to have hard parts, you just have to pick which hard parts come with the best other parts.

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11/22/17 11:47 A

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I would be happy to be your buddy. It sounds so much like me, I lost 84lb through slimming world i left slimming world due to ill health lost my uncle and my cousin who is autistic was suicidal found it hard to balance him and me, went to calorie counting but felt alone and gained 2 stone. Now I need to get back on track so bought premium to spur me on. I am on facebook as well if you are we could video message on weigh in days and talk daily to keep each other going. :)

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11/21/17 10:26 P

I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. Fifteen years ago, I joined Weight Watchers. Through diet and exercise, I eventually lost a total of 70 pounds. I stopped attending Weight Watcher meetings several years ago, but I kept the weight off. However, the last two years have been very stressful. My parents became ill and both passed away within nine months of each other. I feel like my world has turned upside down. I have gained back about 25 pounds due to emotional eating, lack of exercise and general apathy. I am trying to get back on track. I am seeing a grief counselor. I started using a food journal again. Tomorrow I am joining a gym and plan on working out during my lunch hour. I have an appointment with a nutritionist in a few weeks (not only for weight loss assistance but also because I have GI issues and need to follow a low fodmap diet). I know what I have to do because I have done it before.'s still a very difficult road. If anyone could offer advice and/or words of encouragement...I would be very appreciative. Thank you.

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