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11/4/17 1:09 P

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Your journey is already underway and what you are missing out on is the part where you evaluate what is and isn't working for you. Starting out strong and caving at the end of the day is a common problem and it comes from trying to do too much for where you are. It can take six weeks to change just one habit, so trying to change dozens of them in one day does not last for long. You have to remember that what you are doing off of the wagon you are doing because you have deemed that option the best use of your resources. So when you try to make major changes you are disrupting hundreds of habits that you decided were the best for you.

For example, someone who eats eggs everyday for breakfast makes sure that they have eggs in the house along with whatever sides or other ingredients go with the eggs, periodically checks to make sure these ingredients are still good, shops on a schedule that optimizes the availability of those foods, owns and has egg cooking devices easily accessible, has a repertoire of easy egg recipes, and they have built in time during the week to cook the eggs. A person eating cereal for breakfast is not going to suddenly master all of those things in one day, a week or even a month.

For everything that you do you have built up a massive infrastructure of little habits that support you continuing to do what you do. Something like 1-2% of the population are people that can turn on a dime and magically just do everything differently and be fine. The rest of us have to make smaller changes, slowly and steadily to get where we want to be. Try baby steps. Don't start out strong in the morning, instead focus on adding one serving of produce a day to your diet. At the very least it's buying a bag of frozen vegetables or apples and heating up or washing. Focus on that one small change for at least two or three weeks and more if you still have to remember to do it. If you know there is something that you should be cutting out, work on eating a little less of it. If you have tried cold turkey before and it did not work, try weaning yourself off of it, giving yourself time to find something else that you like as much or more. Keep one or two small goals working and you can get where you want to be.

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11/3/17 4:12 P

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Baby steps. You didn't gain the weigh overnight, so you're not going to lose it overnight.

Pick ONE healthy change you can implement...walking a mile a day, ditching the soda, cutting out the fast food. Too many changes at once can be overwhelming, so pick one.

Mark on a calendar (or here on SP) every day you walk that mile, every day you forgo the soda, every day you have a healthy meal instead of fried food. You need a visual representation of your progress.

Once you have that habit down (probably in a month of doing it straight) pick something else. Maybe you walk two miles. But start off small and build on your success.

Good luck!

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11/3/17 8:22 A

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I always have this fantastic idea that today is the day that I will begin my journey. I have been over weight most of my life but I am at my heaviest. The hardest part is getting started. I start our strong and by the end of the day I feel like I can't do it. I have lost weight in the past only to regain it. I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I know I have to do this for me and my health. Where do I get the motivation to keep this journey going in the right direction? emoticon

Today is a good day to turn it into a Great day!

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