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10/25/17 11:40 A

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Are you tracking your food now? How often are you eating? What is your typical daily intake for calories before you start craving all that and what is it at the end of the day? If you aren't eating enough throughout the day, that can definitely cause you to spiral like that in the afternoons.

Also, it sounds like you are at a healthy weight, are you sure you actually need to lose that? Have you had your body fat percentage checked? If not, you may want to consider that since it will give you a better idea if you actually need to lose any more weight.

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10/24/17 2:03 P

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Hey, guys!!!

So, my story is kind of a good one, when talking about dealing with extra weight. In my teen years, up until like sixteen I was a skinny as a stick energetic girl, etc... Later on, I got depression, caused by bullying and... that's where everything went down the hill for me. For the next three years, my highest weight reached 155-160lbs (~70kg.), but then, at the age of 19, I managed to loose 26lbs (~12kg) and that was a very positive thing. My weight dropped from 70 to 58kg and that was a very good change for me. I am in my second year BA studies and ever since the studies started, I'm gonna be completely honest, in a couple of months I gained 10kg and that's been driving me crazy, even though I walk places every day, do pilates every other day and I run. The thing is, over the summer I managed to have the best nutrition ever, nothing too strict, nothing too laid back. I managed to fall inlove with all sorts of vegetables and fruits, because I wasn't really a fan before. So over the summer, my weight dropped to a nice 55kg (120lbs) and that was all that I ever wanted and it was enough.
The problem is... I gained back, like literally... 10kg... I mean, my nutrition went down the hill, so I know my problem, but the thing is... I don't know how to fix it and it's driving me crazy... I mean, I look quite normal, you know, you can see that I'm not skinny, but I'm quite lean, though curvy, but still.. I sit down, and there are rolls... like... seriously... :D :D
I get plenty of sleep during the night, but during the day I feel tired. In the morning I drink water on an empty stomach, coffee later on and eat eggs with bell peppers as well as a fruit and for the past two weeks I've been telling myself "this is it, I can pull this off, the whole "back to healthy nutrition" thing"... but... I just can't... I come back home and even though I drink water through out the day and it's usually 3pm when I'm back, I get these freakin' uncontrollable cravings for chocolate, pizza, all sorts of buns, etc... everything that's pure carbs and seriously... no matter how much water I drink, to fill my stomach and just feel noxious in order not to crave that crap, or no matter how many bananas, apples, veggies, etc. I eat, I still crave those things and I've been in that circle of eating healthy in the morning, but giving in in the afternoon, for like two months now.
Have any of you, guys, have experienced something like that? How did you dealt with it? Because I'm really going crazy... I meany, not only weight-wise, but money-wise as well, 'cause I live in an expensive ass country, where a bar of chocolate costs more than apples... :D

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