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10/16/17 6:37 A

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You need to believe in yourself. Know that you can do it. All the tools you need are inside of yourself. Don't aim for a quick and easy solution. Use small goals and slowly work your way up. If you want, I can help you with this, because I used to be the same way. Just send me a private message.


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10/15/17 9:08 P

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You have to want it enough to find workarounds for every excuse you encounter. You also have to have realistic expectations about your goals based on where you are. In other words, if you aren't working out at all then planning on starting to work out an hour a day isn't going to fly. But if you set a goal to work out ten minutes a day, three days a week you could probably do that this week, even if you have to break that ten minutes into five minute blocks. Once you get used to doing it, you build up the time and intensity of what you are doing.

If you are sitting on the couch, look for desk workouts to do. Walk in place during every other commercial in the commercial break. Work your way up to walking through the whole commercial break. Then you can work up to walking in place during the show. If your doctor gave you maintenance type exercises for your ankle, do those while on the couch. You can also easily lift dumbbells while watching tv. My ninety something grandfather had a set of pedals that you could put on the floor in front of any chair to get your feet moving (limited mobility) or you could put the pedals on a table and use you hands on the pedals. If you search for them you can find ways to workout while watching tv. You could also set tv time as a reward for completing whatever other workout you'd like to do. Set out to walk around the block early enough to make it home in time for your favorite show.

One thing that I have found that really helps when I am overwhelmed is to sit down the night before and pick out the three things that I need to accomplish the next day. It sounds like it doesn't add up to anything, but it makes it easier to focus on three small things and get them done than it is to figure out what I have time for and what I should choose in the moment. It's much easier to say that I need to do a load of laundry, go for a run and make sure that I make rice for my lunches this week. Cleaning up my entryway, taking off my toenail polish and pruning my plants in addition to those other three things swamp me and I can't get anything done. But if I single out those three things, I can often easily add in a fourth because I have time. I'd also highly recommend . It's about spending 15 minutes a day and slowly building in some better habits. It doesn't fix things in a week, but it really helps things become more manageable over time.

If your feet are killing you, make sure you are wearing properly supportive shoes that are the right size. Also, the more you walk the easier it becomes to walk. Adjust accordingly based on your doctor's recommendations, but most physical stuff is a lot of use it or lose it. You don't do it and gets harder to do. You do it and your body gets used to doing it.

If you want to get off the couch, you just have to choose to do it. Right now you are choosing to sit it out on the couch. That's okay sometimes, but own the fact that it is your choice to do so. If choosing to sit on the couch doesn't sit well with you, then choose another option. Saying things like sitting on the couch is more of a priority than doing something for my health is something that is mentally difficult to say/acknowledge/accept, but it's a great place to start.

-google first. ask questions later.

10/15/17 6:11 P

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When I was living in Arizona I lost a good amount of weight. I moved ti East Coast over a year ago. I can't seem to motivate myself. I'm gain like 3 pounds and really disguised with myself for gaining. I just sti on the couch and watch TV unless my mom need help.
I helped my Mom on Friday and Saturday. We did a lot of walking on Friday. My Feet was killing me. I have plates and screws in my right ankle due to a car accident in '07. I just wish there was a way to get my butt off the couch and start working out. My apartment is a mess and not in the mood to cleaning it. I have no energy at all. What can I do?

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