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10/15/17 4:53 P

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Have you considered talking about this to a licensed mental health professional about this? Talking your way through some of this could really help set you on a more even keel as you chart out where you will end up post pregnancy. Also, if you set out to focus on every perceived flaw with your body you'll just end up beating yourself to a pulp. Every time you try and pick yourself apart, perhaps try finding one positive thing to focus on instead. Instead of noting your flabby arms, note how much weight your arms can lift. Be sure you are starting with a clean slate and not comparing now to eighteen months ago. Get a toehold where you are and build yourself up from there.

As far as the idiots sans manners that you encounter in the world, they're not your problem. Miss Manners has some great polite but responses. "Due to what?" with as polite and blank a look as possible should end most inquiries right there.

-google first. ask questions later.

10/10/17 11:14 A

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Congrats on your new little one! The first thing to remember is that your body has been through a lot and done something amazing by growing another human being.

Your body changes when you have kids. You're at the point right now where it's too soon to expect your body to just bounce back to where it was. It will take some time for your stretched skin to return to normal. Are you exercising and eating healthy? Getting back into a regular routine as far as that goes will help you start seeing progress more quickly.

Hang in there. I know it's hard, but having a good support system around you to help with the baby and reassure you that what you're feeling is completely normal also helps.

Coach Jen

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down but the staying down." Mary Pickford

"No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch."
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10/10/17 6:40 A

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Something I should have mentioned. I am an ex weightlifting champion, so my body was ways muscle and toned x

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10/10/17 6:38 A

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Hi there,
I suppose you could call this a cry for help. I had a baby 5 months ago, and my tiny frame (5ft 3, 102lbs) was destroyed by carrying my gorgeous chunky son (10lbs 11 at birth).
It's one thing having to contend with the plethora of stretch marks covering my chest, stomach, legs, bum and arms, but it's another having to deal with the now frumpy, out of shape, hanging body I have.
My stomach hangs to my groin, I have fat deposits that make me look 6 months pregnant. A woman asked me when my next was due yesterday, and crushed me.
It's got to the point now where I am considering surgery. I just desperately need some sort of sign that I'm not always going to look like a bag filled with mashed potato.
I spend most of my days now upset by my body, avoiding mirrors, wearing baggy clothes and just being disgusted in myself.
Don't get me wrong. I love my son. I just wish I didn't have to hate myself so much.

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