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ZRIE014 Posts: 93,825
10/13/17 1:12 A

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i have never had to work a night shift for any period of time. but when i had to work a day or two i need a break so that i could take a 30 min nap.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,350
9/24/17 8:42 A

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This is something that really comes down to personal preference and habit. Are you trying to have meals with your family who are on a regular 9-5 schedule? When do you sleep and are you someone who needs to eat more lightly beforehand so that you can sleep? Base your planned eating times and amounts around that. The suggestion to bring your own food was excellent. Things like quiche are easily loaded with vegetables and can be eaten hot or cold, with soup or salad or fruit for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. Yogurt with granola and fruit is another easily portable option across multiple meals. Hummus, cheese, hardboiled eggs or nuts/peanut butter with produce (think peppers or carrots with hummus, banana or apple with peanut butter, celery with cream cheese or peanut butter) is a formula for endless healthy snack options. If you find yourself with the desire to munch, have air popped popcorn, perhaps with some herbs for seasoning.

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9/24/17 12:29 A

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I worked third shift for the last 24 of my working years and the one rule I always stuck to after I started to lose weight in 2005 was never eat something at work I didn't bring with me. That way if it wasn't nutritious, there was nobody to blame but me. Sneaking in exercise is another challenge, but it can be done. Very important is to have a place you can get some uninterrupted sleep like a blacked out bedroom with a source of white noise. Much of it you'll have to learn for yourself, but it can be done. I lost over 100 pounds from late 2005 till early 2007 and was on third the whole time. I'm retired now and some of the weight crept back and needs removing again, but my experience back then tells me that you can do it and the SparkPeople website has improved considerably since then as well. Good luck and never quit!


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9/22/17 4:05 A

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i work midnight to 5-ish, and somewhere around 2 a.m. i have breakfast - oatmeal, soy milk and orange - and find that it carries me through the night until lunch time between 11 and noon. i sleep from 5 a.m.-ish to when i wake up, which is usually around 8 a.m., and in the evening from 8-ish to midnight. dinner is at 5 or 6 p.m.

i realize it is not the same as being awake on the job for 12 hours straight, but i find that stretching the calories through the day helps, plus i look at the break from 2 a.m. to noon as a kind of "fast".

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9/22/17 3:01 A

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Hello all, long time - first time. I used SP back in 2008 or 2009 to get fit and healthy, but this is my first post on the forum.

Back then I had somehow figured it out, but now that I'm almost 10 years older, I'm having a hard time. I'm a 911 operator and police dispatcher, and I work straight nights from 6p to 6a. It's a sedentary job, combined with a high stress environment, and a plethora of unhealthy eating habits.

My question is, how do you manage your nutrition during your night shifts? Do you treat it as if it were a day of eating (i.e. breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks etc), or do you change up the order and eat lighter as the night goes on?

I've watched this video which seems to make since, but I'm wanting to get some real world, real people advice.

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