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9/21/17 6:46 P

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I would say that if you have tried all of those things since July then your biggest issue is not giving any of them enough time to work. You have had enough time since July to rule out one and be starting in on another, but higher and lower and an exercise change and a free for all weekend and cutting out and reintroducing alcohol is a lot for such a small timeframe.

-google first. ask questions later.

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9/21/17 6:37 P

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Does the clean food you consume 90% of the time include meat and milk/milk products?
In my experience and I am not an accredited expert, deleting meat had me losing 1 - 2 pounds a week until I reached my goal weight. It is my theory that the hormones and additives and ingredients used to fatten animals were also making me fat. Milk and milk products also have hormones that I feel do not foster good health either as they also have hormones naturally. Hormones maybe good for growing babies but not for grown people. Again I am not an expert but it sounded like you wanted all opinions to sort out what you might do.
So also GMO food and pesticide impregnated food like on the Dirty Dozen list should be replaced with organic.
I feel that mind, body and spirit need to be in balance to achieve optimal health.
Meditation and exercise are part of my life and for 9 years I tracked every morsel I ate until I embedded habits that support sustaining a healthy weight.
It is an ongoing journey this road to health and the most important part is to never give up.above are the foods Dr. Joel Fuhrman suggests eating every day and I pretty much do that.

"'Enough' is a feast. Buddhist proverb

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9/21/17 2:40 P

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I am a female, 35 years old, 5'5" tall. I started out at 189 pounds this past January, and was at 183 in May but I have been stuck hovering between 178-176 pounds since the mid-July! I work out 5-6 days per week for 30-45 minutes, usually 3 days of strength training and 2-3 of cardio. I usually do beach body 21 day fix or core deforce workouts along with some intervals on an elliptical. I have been very seriously tracking and measuring all of my food intake since May and more loosely before that. I normally eat between 1300 to 1600 calories of 90% clean food. I drink at least 96 oz of water per day and have even started drinking my coffee black over the past few months. I do usually have 2-3 4 oz glasses of wine per week and when I do they are accounted for in my overall meal plan for the day. I have tried changing up my workouts, upping my calories and lowering my calories, no wine for a few weeks along with one weekend of complete over indulgent of both food and alcohol. I have also had bloodwork done and my thyroid is just fine. I just can't seem to lose any more weight and I am beyond frustrated! I am not yet at a healthy weight or comfortable with my body. I am so sick of neurotically measuring and counting every bite I take to not see any results! Please help! Any suggestions are welcome, I am desperate lol!

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