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8/27/17 11:02 P

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Yep - you can lose that amount by going to the loo. I have an inquisitive mind so 'experimented' at my Medical Centre - LOL!

The only time I take my weight is in my Medical Centre on their big flash hospital-type scales, immediately after using the loo; prior to lunch (nothing to eat/drink after usual breakfast) and in the same clothes. If I wear different clothes, I take their weight into account. (yep - weigh them too LOL)

A person's weight can alter quite significantly during the day which is why I stick to the same time etc.


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8/27/17 6:45 A

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Weight can easily vary by 5 lbs everyday. This is a sign that your body is functioning normally. The food that you eat is converted to fuel/energy for your body, but until such time as it is, eating and drinking is the same as standing on the scale with whatever you are ingesting. After the food is converted to energy, the waste stays in your system until you eliminate it. Waste, just like the food that it originally came from, has weight and being in you doesn't free it from gravity's pull.

As others have noted, water is heavy (half a pound per cup). It's not just about the water you drink, but the water that your body pulls from other foods as well as the water that your body requires to do basic maintenance. More carbs in your system mean you retain a little more water to get them through your digestive tract. More sodium means more water to balance it out. Exercise means your muscles need to be repaired, which is done with water.

If you weigh 431 lbs, then you can and will see numbers from 426-436 on the scale without you having gained or lost an ounce. It's all just a reflection of what happens to be in you at the moment, which is why you have to focus on the trend of your weight over time rather than just a day or even a week. It's really best to compare this week's weight to your weight four weeks ago (or adjust based on whatever your cycle is) to get a better idea of what your weight is really doing.

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8/26/17 3:37 P

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Yes, it happens frequently. I can get different numbers even when I weigh my self and then get right back on the scale. Changed the batteries too. I have learned not to let it matter. Focus on how you feel and how your clothing fits for a more accurate appraisal. I get on the scale, only one time per week, on the same day and around the same time, record the reading and then forget about it. It is just a baseline, and over time you will see a downward trend. Do not fixate on the scale.

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8/22/17 12:56 A

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Have you ever simply weighed a glass of water?? 8 oz IS one half pound!! So two cups of coffee in the morning "appears" on the scale as one pound! Pounds of weight are simply not equivalent to 3500 calories---a simple fact that confuses many folks!

As others have suggested....weigh once a week; or once a day (and average for the week). Remember that this is a lifelong Journey if you are committed to becoming healthy, and that one day is a brief second of your Journey. Stay the Course, and be rewarded with better health in due time!! All the best,

PS Not all scales will be consistent either... not to worry! And don't forget that if you got dressed in between your clothes and shoes also add to the scale reading--LOL!!

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8/21/17 2:12 P

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Everything from how much "stuff" is in your GI tract, to water retention, to the time of the month can vary your weight by quite a bit. I find if I sleep in and weigh myself, I'm usually a pound lighter than I am on a "normal" day.

I prefer to weigh in daily and track, then average over the course of the week (that part is key) to see the overall trend. Helps me get a better picture of how things are going.

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8/21/17 11:19 A

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Weigh only once a day or even once a month. Watch the trend. Many things can be a factor in your weigh- ins.

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8/21/17 9:18 A

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Very curious question if anyone has been through this. Please excuse if I am being blunt but, I have to know. So yesterday morning I weighed myself and it was at 429.8 lbs. This morning I woke up and the scale was reading 434.2 lbs... I was very concerned when I saw this because I know sure as hell I didn't eat any 14,0000 calories which are what I estimate based on 3,500 calories = 1 lb. So that completely confused me. I wrote it down anyway... so I then proceeded to eat my normal breakfast and then, of course, I had to "use the bathroom" if you get my point. I stepped on the scale and it then read 430.4. Like, is that even remotely possible? What is going on? Anyone have any ideas as to why this happened?

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