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8/3/17 3:03 P

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Please remember that its "OK" to take a pause in your Journey, so you haven't lost any ground just yet.... In fact, taking a challenge to purposefully stay at your current weight "in maintenance" might give you some valuable learning tools that can come into play when you are ready to move forward again.

---Work on what your "realistic diet that you can stay on" looks like. What small improvements can you make to be better in balance with carbs/fats/protein? Can you ADD more foods which bring you health??
---See if you can control your portions by learning to critically look on your plate...and compare your "impression" by then weighing or measuring what you really have there. Learn to "put some back" if you over-guessed...and see if you can lessen the number of times you are doing that!
---Try using the "plate method" of 1/2 veggies/fruit, 1/4 carb, 1/4 protein to keep your weight stable.
---give yourself a break of a set time--perhaps a month, knowing that then you WILL be ready to start your weight loss again by simply dropping 100-200 calories a day.

In my own Journey, I stayed quite happily at a 'relatively' healthy, but somewhat overweight point for a year or two while I dealt with some other medical issues. When I was then challenged by a new doctor to lose some more-- it just suddenly made sense. For me, it was the start of deterioration of my joints that struck a chord. So that has been my motivation for this chapter of my Journey. I figure every difficult, unwanted decision not to indulge now will come back in benefits many times over if I can keep my joints and muscles as healthy as possible!

Have you considered working with a physical therapist to learn exercises you can safely do? When my hip arthritis flared up, I was fortunate to get someone who gave me some relatively simple exercises to stabilize the muscle support of the joint--it REALLY helped me!!

Several nice "rules" my doctor gave me was "Eat Veggies first, protein second, and carbs last...and skip the carbs if you are full!" "Make breakfast your biggest meal, then eat a smaller lunch, then an even smaller dinner." By keeping this in mind and making some rather small changes really, my weight did start to drop again. All the best on your Journey! As long as you are mindful enough to know your will get there!! Don't give up, just keep coming back to it!

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8/1/17 2:39 P

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The good thing is I am maintaining which for me is a good thing. I am a yo yo dietor with most of my years spend overweight. I lost 50+ pounds and now I am having trouble watching it closely so I can lose more. I am happy enough with where I am but know that I am still considered overweight and my joints would benefit from me losing more. In order to do that, I really need to be careful about each calorie and right now I just don't seem to have it in me. Also, in the past, I have gained it back by not having a realistic diet I could stay on. I can't up exercise due to bad knees. how do you get re-motivated?

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