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7/24/17 3:28 P

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My inspiration is partly self loathing tendencies and personal or witnessed experience.

the self loathing thing is what it is. However, I do spend a lot of time with people much older than me and what I see is a lot of issues caused from not partaking in healthier lifestyles. I totally believe life is short and we may as well enjoy it but I want to keep enjoying it past the age of 50. I want to avoid as many neglect caused issues as possible because there's enough surprise problems that can arise. no need to add to them.

plus when I am working my butt off regularly I feel fabulous. I really feel great and all my unhealthier habits seem to shrink off.

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7/23/17 11:40 P

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I began my healthy living journey in Nov. 2008 by Dec. 2009 I had lost almost 100 lbs. I have kept it all off, for the most part. How did I stay motivated? I had diabetes and started having complications, and it scared me poopless! I wanted to LIVE! To be HEALTHY!

Everyone has days they feel less motivated than other days. The key for me has been having the commitment to myself to just do the work whether I feel like it or not. I also do what I enjoy, makes it easier to keep doing it. There is no magic involved. I have to WORK at it. But the results themselves help keep me motivated. Good luck in your journey, hun.

Dream BIG...Work HARD

And now abide Faith, Hope, Love, these three; but the greatest of these is Love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

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7/23/17 11:59 A

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You do things that you enjoy, which makes them easier to do. So if you hate running but love swimming, you plan to swim as your main form of exercise and not run. If you love pizza, you find sides or other meals that complement the pizza so that you are where you need to be calorically at the end of the day. If you hate cucumber, you don't plan on having cucumber salads all the time just because they are low calorie. You find things that you enjoy that make your input and your output balance in the long term.

You also set continuous goals instead of one time goals. Fitting into your wedding dress or a bikini is great short term motivation, but once the day is done there isn't any reason to keep it up. Being able to do a 5K is something that is possible if you are overweight, pregnant or eighty plus, but you can adjust to where you are by adding things like a certain amount of time or at a certain pace to that 5K goal. Not getting winded while going up a flight of stairs is a great continuous type goal. The other thing to avoid is setting goals with arbitrary measurements like weight or a certain pants size. When I say weight is an arbitrary goal, let's pretend we are talking about a 30 year old 5' tall woman. 250 lbs is incredibly unlikely to be a healthy weight for that woman. 200 lbs is going to be better but still not there yet. At 150 lbs you might have a very few who are stocky to begin with and bodybuilders who are at a healthy weight at that number. Not absolutely impossible, but not common either. As you get down into the 100-130 lb range, that's where the number on the scale gets meaningless. Being 105 lbs isn't universally better than being 125 lbs. It all depends on you and what you ask of your body on a regular basis and that changes what works for each person. At 110 lbs someone might not have enough muscle to run marathons, but be perfectly good to go at 123 lbs. This is the range where there is a lot of play and where your bodyfat percentage really is a better marker of where you are than the number on the scale. People hellbent on keeping a certain number on the scale might have to wage a continual war to keep that number right there, whereas they could more easily maintain if they were okay with a number a little higher on the scale.

If you make things easy for yourself and you make your goals something that is easily within your range, it's easier for that to just be what you do. When you enjoy what you are doing and it all ties in together with how you feel and what you can do then there isn't really a reason to do something else.

-google first. ask questions later.

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7/23/17 6:23 A

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Hi Y'all, I'm new here. It's great to have a forum such as this. I don't need advice or anything . Rather I want suggestions. How do you all stay focused on this fitness journey? Knowing exactly what to do and what to eat is one thing. Staying focused on your goals is another thing. Most times most people just don't feel motivated to go on. Some people even go on to say whats the point. Life is short so we better enjoy it right? I kinda agree with that school of thought. That been said I will also love to enjoy life with the kind of body I would be proud of. I will also like to go through life with a very healthy body. I know a whole lot of people feel this way too. so how do yall stay motivated? How do you stay focused on your goals?

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