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7/9/17 10:08 A

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When you don't have a lot of weight left to lose, you have to give changes time to work. If you have tried four different things plus went on vacation in three and a half months, that's not enough time for everything to come out in the wash so to speak.

If you're burned out losing, or rather trying to lose and ending up maintaining, I would say to find a new goal for the next three months and work on that. So put the scale away, put the measuring tape away and focus on a faster 5 k time, or being able to go around the block or up a mountain in a certain amount of time without being winded or increasing the amount that you can lift, whatever a doing sort of goal might be for you. Try and keep your diet roughly where you feel good, tracking or not tracking, whatever you're working on. Give your body time to adjust to a new consistency and come the middle of October, reevaluate where you want to be. See where your weight went, how your diet and fitness changed and what the result on your body was. Use that knowledge to adjust your course and set a new goal that works with where you are.

-google first. ask questions later.

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7/9/17 9:48 A

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Plateau problem.
This week's stats:
Calorie Goal (set by Spark) 1,720-2,070. Calories for this week: Lowest day 1,163. Highest day 1.934. Average 1,535.
TDEE calculator says my Maint. Calories are 2,512 and my BMR is 1,827. (
Workout minutes for the week: 260, 45, 60, 90,20,120, 45.
I am a 53 year old man, 172 cm and 95 Kg.

I am eating all I want. I feel full and have lots of energy. People say the calories are low, but it feels like the right amount to me (not trying to be argumentative, just saying it feels good). If you look at my food log for the past week you may see a bit of extra rum. That is not normal, I was on vacation. I came back from a week of overindulging at exactly the same weight I went. I overindulged but logged everything; it was vacation after all.

I have been dieting/working out for over 10 months. So far I lost 22 kilos (over 40 Lbs for you yanks ha ha). I started in Sep 2016 and at first was losing a little over a kilo a week. I knew it would not last and enjoyed it while it did. When it slowed down I was not surprised. Not particularly happy, but not surprised. My problem now is that since April I have gained and lost the same kilo over and over and over ad nauseam. Over 3.5 months - this has been a frustratingly long plateau. I have tried raising calories, lowering calories, a diet break, and even keto (a spectacularly bad time with that!).

I am fairly happy with my current weight but would like to lose another 10 kilos. My wife is perfectly happy with my current weight. Actually she has complained some about me losing my (her) "Pooh bear stomach".

In April I did lose some fat while building muscle so the no scale change was ok. I was just redistributing weight a little. But for the last 2 months even that has stopped. No change in any measurement at all. Anyway, I am getting very frustrated with the stalled progress. I still exercise but am losing my enthusiasm. Luckily my new diet is not a diet, but a lifestyle change, so eating right is no problem.

Dory says "just keep swimming" but seriously... what can I do to get this going again?

~Tito Tim~
Iloilo, Philippines (GMT +8)

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