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4/29/18 11:27 A

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Start by evaluating your goals. Losing ten pounds, for someone who has over 100 lbs to lose, is a short term goal. Losing 10 lbs, for someone who has 10 lbs to lose, might be a year or two goal. For that second person, focusing on the first pound can mean waiting over six weeks. Which means that there have to be other goals in place. Things like drinking a certain amount of water, eating a certain number of servings of produce, maintaining a certain amount of exercise minutes and sometimes measurements, because building muscle at a relatively healthy weight can mean gaining pounds but losing inches.

Every day ask yourself what you can do right now that will make tomorrow easier. You don't have to meal prep for the whole week, batch cook for the month or have your work and workout clothes laid out for the next ten days to make progress. Simply look at what you want to do tomorrow and what might make that go more smoothly. If you need to wash workout clothes or find matching socks, you can do that right now to streamlime tomorrow's workout. If you want to have something over rice, you can cook it today or set it up to go tomorrow if you have one of those automatic rice cooker things. Having cooked rice ready to go can cut out forty minutes of dinner prep time. Roasting vegetables today can easily mean adding the roasted veg and cheese to bread and toasting it up for a sandwich tomorrow. Just checking the fridge to see what needs to be used up and what ingredients you might need to complete a meal can mean stopping by the store on the way home instead of coming home to find out you are missing a key ingredient halfway through dinner.

Preparing is vague. What are you preparing? What needs preparing? Do you need a menu or a shipping list or a set shopping day or more flexible shopping days or a list of best choices when you are out and about? Do you need a workout plan or a workout buddy or workout equipment or workout clothes? Do you need recipes that can cook in a certain time or do you need a list of exercises to do? You need to identify specifically what isn't working for you and then you need to work on that one thing. It can take six weeks to build up that one little aspect, so don't expect to change everything all at once. Everything that you are doing now you are doing because you have determined that is the best use of your resources. So you have to build in value in what you want to change and start changing things so that the new thing is the easiest and best option. That takes time, but you need to have more concrete goals if you want to achieve them. Wanting to qualify for the Boston Marathon is a really specific goal, but not practical if you have never run a step in your life. Start with a Couch to 5K program or some extended planned walking, and then you can start adding distance and speed. Build in short term achievable goals and then add in another step of them until you are where you want to be.

-google first. ask questions later.

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4/24/18 2:18 P

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just keep has to work eventually!

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4/19/18 1:19 P

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As long as you are thinking about progress, you are not stuck. Sometimes we plateau, but don't confuse that with stagnation. Attitude and seeking a goal, is the key and you will move forward soon. The answers will come if we ask the question.

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4/19/18 12:24 P

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Every choice you make that contributes to your betterment is progress.

"'Enough' is a feast. Buddhist proverb

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4/16/18 1:15 A

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So, how's it going? Still stuck?


Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

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3/19/18 7:19 P

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3/26/17 2:36 A

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Preparing, whether it is for meals or exercise is essential... I am trying how to figure out this part.... I am not moving towards my goal and I seem stuck...

I will celebrate every pound I lose. I will also celebrate every pound YOU lose! I will eat one salad at a time!

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