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8/25/19 11:40 A

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Doctors are sometimes great a telling you what you "need" to do, but not telling you the "how." Go back or at least call his/her office to request a diet and exercise program. In doing so, you will know "for certain" what is appropriate for You!

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7/21/19 9:35 A

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Walking is the best. You can also look into low impact water exercises.

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7/1/19 12:21 P

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You do whatever exercises the doctor cleared you to do!

That said, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Weight loss is more about what and how much you eat. You need to focus more on that to lose those 45 pounds.

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6/29/19 12:57 P

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I have a 10 pound weight restriction and a large (16 cm) abdominal hernia. I also have balance problems due to peripheral neuropathy. I need to lose at least 45 pounds before they will even consider repairing my hernia. Wha exercises can I Do? Any suggestions? I’m 59.

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